2012: A Year of Regulatory Insanity

As we get ready to close out the new year a look back at 2012 revealed it to be a year of regulatory insanity.  Here is a look at “The 10 Worst Regulations of 2012” courtesy of the Heritage Foundation:

During 2012, virtually every aspect of American life, from caloric intake to dishwasher efficiency, was subjected to government meddling.

Most of these rules increase the cost of living, others hinder job creation, and many erode freedom. Not all regulations are unwarranted, of course, but increasingly, the rules imposed by the government have less to do with health and safety and more to do with whether government or individuals get to make basic pocketbook and lifestyle decisions that affect them. And it is not just the regulators who are to blame. Congress writes laws that give unelected bureaucrats the broad powers they wield.

In a great many cases, the agencies do not even consider costs when crafting new regulations. For example, the Government Accountability Office, in a report released last week, found that the agencies implementing the Dodd–Frank financial regulation law did not meet the government’s own standards for regulatory analyses. Nor did they evaluate alternatives to regulation.

Check out the article for the ten worst examples.  Unfortunately the author does not see things getting any better in the near future: “As busy as regulators were in 2012, do not look for them to slow down in the new year. Already in the pipeline are dozens of new rules covering health care, finance, global warming, and more. It is anybody’s guess who will win next year’s prize. The only safe bet is that consumers will lose.”

One thought on “2012: A Year of Regulatory Insanity

  1. Obama has publicly said that Congress can go to Hades, HE (in Caps) will do whatever he wants with unlimited regulatory authority. He knows the Legislature will remain totally asleep in their mandate to review and control regulations, they haven’t done that for decades!

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