3 run for 2 seats in Vermont House

This article by Cherise Madigan originally appeared April 19 in the Bennington Banner.

MANCHESTER — Three candidates will compete in the race for the Bennington-4 District of the Vermont Legislature — representing the towns of Manchester, Arlington, Sunderland and Sandgate — though only two will be elected to office.

Manchester resident Kathleen James officially announced her candidacy for one of the two seats this month, running against incumbents Cynthia Browning and Brian Keefe. Though all three candidates emphasize their commitment to the Northshire community, each brings their own histories and convictions to the election.

Bruce Parker/TNR

State Rep. Cynthia Browning, D-Arlington

Cynthia Browning, incumbent Democrat

Rep. Cynthia Browning is the longest-standing incumbent in the race, serving in the Vermont House since 2007 and on the Arlington Select Board since 2002. Outside the realm of politics, Browning serves as executive director of the

“[Serving in the Legislature] has been both the most satisfying and the most difficult work of my life,” Browning said. “I hope that I have made a contribution to the welfare of all of the communities in the district through my work.”

The legislator, who boasts a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Michigan, notes that her “expertise and experience” provide her with a unique capability to analyze policy documents independently. That expertise is most often used in Browning’s work with the House Ways and Means Committee, where she says that she has pushed for a simpler, more effective and more equitable tax code for Vermonters.

Since her re-election in 2016 Browning says that she has focused on controlling rising property tax rates, lowering the taxation of Social Security Benefits, and working to reform Vermont’s tax code. The legislator has also played a role in collaborative efforts to improve internet service to rural areas, moderate the growth of electric bills, and ease requirements for school district consolidations mandated by Act 46.

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  1. Cynthia Browning is easily the sharpest pencil on the House Ways and Means Committee and perhaps the entire house. Even though she’s a democrat she certainly is an added value to the Vermont government. She’s not afraid to call it like it is even if it doesn’t follow party lines. Vermont needs more like her on both sides of the Isle.

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