A Major Cover Up of Child Abuse by the Abortion Industry

by Robert Maynard

A group named “Life Dynamics” has been conducting an investigation for several months into the issue of teen pregnancy. What they found was described as sickening. Underage girls, some as young as 10 years old, are reportedly being sexually exploited by adult men in numbers that are unprecedented in American history.  The report that summarized this investigation can be found here.  Apparently the abortion industry was heavily involved.  Here are some excerpts from an article on this story:

In what has been called the worst child sex abuse scandal in American history, the abortion industry could soon find itself beleaguered by multiple lawsuits from trial lawyers representing hundreds of thousands of victims of statutory rape.

“The abortion lobby is engaged in a pedophile protection racket and protecting pedophiles who rape underage girls,” Mark Crutcher, founder of Life Dynamics, said. “These abortion clinics receive money from the federal government. We are literally paying for the rape of our young daughters.”

Life Dynamics conducted extensive research into why 60-80 percent of teen pregnancies were the result of being impregnated by an adult.

“We realized that something had to have accounted for how this occurred beneath the radar to the point where no one except those who study it would know about it,” he explained. “The only way this could happen is if the institutions and the entities out there who should be reporting this were not doing so. We talked to people we knew in the medical community who worked in environments where they would have access to children or worked in the emergency room hospitals and started asking them about it.”

He said they quickly discovered the problem was not in the hospitals, but in the vast numbers of abortion clinics around the country where employees and managers were ignoring state laws mandating they report instances of possible child abuse to law-enforcement.

“When we began to investigate we found it was even worse than we thought it was. Initially we thought perhaps the abortion clinics were only reporting half of the incidents, but instead we found that they were reporting hardly any of them.”