A new information age education model?

by Robert Maynard

The information age has transformed the way we communicate with each other, as well as the way we access and share information.  One would think that it would have the potential to revolutionize an educational model that is a dinosaur product of the industrial age.  This is the premise of a book entitled “School’s Out” by Lewis J. Perelman.  Here is how Publisher’s Weekly described the book: ‘In this stimulating brief for technology-based “hyper-learning,” Perelman argues that school systems, classrooms and teachers have become obsolete.’  This book was written over 20 years ago, in 1993, and our fundamental structure of our industrial age education system remains largely immune to information age restructuring.  The problem is that there is an entrenched and well funded network of politically powerful special interests that resist the transformation of our education system like Dracula reacting to a cross.  Now another visionary is spelling out how he sees the future of education.  Here in the Pajamas Media interview, he talks about that vision: ‘InstaVision host Glenn Reynolds discusses education policy with Michelle Fields. Reynolds has a new book entitled “The New School”. Reynolds see alternatives as the the future of U.S. education. Will online learning crowd out traditional schools and colleges? Find out.’

Let’s hope that this visionary has more luck in seeeing his vision realized than Lewis Perelman did.