An analysis of the health care cost analysis

Just as Sen. Kevin Mullin got some cost containment assurances in the senate, Rep. George Till received similar provisions in the House. Till was assured that, “before the end of the current session, there will be a fiscal analysis by the Joint Fiscal Office of both the anticipated costs of the system and an analysis of the anticipated savings given the provisions of H.202. Many of the cost factors are known.” That report was released on April 21.

Vermonters for Economic Health posted the following analysis of the quality of the evaluation:

As the Vermont Senate prepares to dive headlong into a high-stakes debate on health care, Vermonters for Health Care Freedom today called upon legislators to view with suspicion a government analysis released last week, “Costs of Vermont’s Health Care System and Comparison of Baseline and Reformed System.”

“This new analysis reads more like a letter of support for single payer, and it is hard to see how it can be considered objective,” according to Darcie Johnston of Vermonters for Health Care Freedom. “The analysis was prepared by the Shumlin Administration, with assistance from one of the contractors who helped prepare the Hsiao Report, with assistance from the Joint Fiscal Office that works for Legislative Leadership that hired Dr. Hsiao in the first place.”

“To say that raises questions about the impartiality of this analysis would be an understatement,” Johnston continued.

VHCF called upon Senators to seek a “truly independent” analysis of the single-payer plan before putting Vermont’s high-quality health care system at risk.

“The truth is that the dramatic changes to Vermont’s health care system that are envisioned in this bill will impact every Vermonter, every Vermont family, every Vermont health care provider, and every Vermont employer,” Johnston said. “They should hire a truly independent team of actuaries and economists to review this bill.”

Will Mullin’s amendment get the same “Yeah, whatever” treatment at the hands of the Green Mountain Heath Care Board? Bets?