An open letter to our Congressional Delegation

by Linda Kirker

It appears that you, our representatives to Congress, do not understand the anger and fear of the American people due to the actions of our national leaders, who for decades, have been poor stewards of our national finances and our national security. Why create a limit on government debt if you are going to continue to raise that limit? Why are you willing to spend more than the taxpayers can afford? Why don’t you have the will to do what is best for the people and our nation? That is your job! You are failing in your duty to the citizens of the U.S.A.

Congress has deceived the American people into thinking that our country is financially solvent when we are $14.3 TRILLION dollars in debt, primarily to nations like communist China. Forty cents of every dollar spent by government is borrowed! How is that okay? What does that say about the wisdom of our leaders? As long as you refuse to significantly reduce the government’s budget, we the people and our grandchildren, will be burdened with ever-increasing, long-term debt obligations. Please have the fortitude to exercise the obligation you have to us to reduce spending in Washington, D.C. The national debt is not a partisan issue, it is a critical issue for the future strength and national security of this nation, and the freedoms of our people. This nation is at risk and it is the job of Congress to stabilize the country. We want to stop Congress from continuing to spend on the people’s credit card. That could require a change in representation.

Congress, with all politics aside, must take strong measures to solidify the U.S. economy, increase job opportunities for U.S. citizens, facilitate the safety of Americans by securing our southern border, downsize government bureaucracy, remove the restrictions on oil drilling in the U.S., and get government out of our schools, our businesses, our homes, our automobiles, our energy sources, our back yards, our wallets and our health care. When you downsize the role of the federal government as per the U.S. Constitution, the funds will be available to pay down the debt and balance the federal budget. We citizens will then be free from those who profess to have our best interests at heart. You, and all members of Congress, and the Obama Administration, were elected by the people who, rightly or wrongly, placed their trust in you to put our nation first. You took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Your primary duty is to be good stewards of the National safety and the financial security of the United States. We elect you to serve us and to represent our interests. Your power is to come from the consent of the governed. We are guaranteed the right to pursue our own happiness, not to expect government to take care of our every need. You have strayed far from the limited Congressional powers as outlined in the Constitution.

The Founders of this nation wisely created a Constitutional government, a democratic-republic, which intentionally gives only certain restricted powers to the federal government. They feared that a large national government would become too powerful, thereby taking away the intended rights of the states and the individual. Our Constitution provides the PEOPLE with certain rights that are being usurped by government. Our states are meant to be sovereign, free of federal government interference. If you downsize the federal government, it will cost less to operate. States can then keep more of the money generated at home and can provide the needed infrastructure, etc. It is time that the U.S. government became less of a parasite on the states. Stop providing pork that makes its recipients feel obliged to re-elect you. This use of taxpayer money to ensure re-election is a disgrace. It should be outlawed.

For our part as citizens and voters, we must be watchful and involved, or the unique freedoms and rights provided by our Constitution will fade away. If we are uninformed and apathetic, allowing those we elect to act without our consent, we can expect further decline of this once-great nation. We must be wise and informed enough to elect people who respect the Constitution, listen to the people and make the stability of our country their top priority.

Linda Kirker

Georgia, VT

Former State Representative