An Unsustainable Course

“We’re talking about essential services that keep people warm, that keep people housed, that pays their electric bills,” said CVOEO Community Relations Director Tim Searles.

He says his agency’s ability to help people would change drastically if forced to weather massive cuts proposed in the budgets of Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and President Barrack Obama.

This is from a recent Fox News article.  The proposed cuts are a small portion of what we will need to be cut in order to get the state and national economies on a sustainable path.  The longer we wait, the worse such cuts will be.  Vermont has long been following the European model of high taxes and generous social services and we cannot continue to sustain this approach.  Besides being non sustainable, the approach really does not serve the poor.

In referring to the proposed cuts, Mr. Searles makes the following observation:

“”The poor are an easy target,” said Searles, and one he says, the state can’t simply cannot afford.” Actually, it is the European style welfare state that we cannot afford.  The poor can afford it least of all as they are the ones sucked into dependency and robbed of opportunity.