Another Reason to Join the Resistance

Back in February, I made the case that, instead of spending time and resources trying to comply with Obamacare, Vermont should join the list of states who have chosen to ignore the law after a Florida federal judge ruled it unconstitutional.

The most recent nail in the coffin of Obamacare was Friday’s ruling by the Eleventh Circuit that the insurance mandate in the law violates the constitution.

One intriguing angle that the Cato Institute points out is:

“One of the striking things about today’s ruling is that, for the first time in one of these cases, a Democrat-appointed judge, Frank Hull, has ruled against the government. Just as the Sixth Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton made waves by being the first Republican appointee to rule in the government’s favor, today’s 300-page ruling shows that the constitutional issues raised by the healthcare reform—and especially the individual mandate—are complex, serious, and non-ideological.”