Are They Smarter Than a Fourth Grader?

by Robert Maynard

One thing that most lay people are not aware of when it comes to the so-called “anthropogenic global warming” theory is that roughly 75% of the predicted climate change comes from “feedback” caused by the evaporation of water vapor.  According to this theory, the evaporation of water vapor is caused by an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere.  The water vapor created by evaporation is said to cause warming by trapping heat.  The direct effect of CO2 is said to raise temperature by about 1.1 degrees Celsius.  The so-called “feedback” coming from evaporated water vapor is supposed to magnify the effect of CO2 concentration by a factor of three.  In other words, 75% of the predicted warming of the AGW climate model is from the feedback effect of water vapor and not the CO2 emissions.

Another thing that most laymen do not know is that the effect of CO2 on our climate is not a matter of dispute between the AGW theory proponents and the skeptics.  What is in dispute is the the “feedback” effect.  Actual temperature data does not support the magnitude of temperature change predicted by the AGW model.  Recent scientific study is pointing to the conclusion that solar activity has an effect on the amount of cosmic rays that enter into our solar system, which in turn has an effect on cloud formation by “modulating” water vapor particles.  More cloud cover has a cooling effect on our climate because clouds reflect sunlight back away for the earth.  In other words, the presense of more water vapor in the atmosphere is a factor that mitigates the temperature change, rather than amplifying it by a factor of 3. Furthermore, the formation of clouds has more to do with solar activity than the presence of CO2, man made or otherwise.  For a 12 minute video explanation of this, go here.  For a text based explanation, go here.

What is baffling is why so many in the fields of education, media, politics, etc., keep treating the AGW theory as if it is settled science.  Here is where I get to do a version of the show “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” and ask “Are they smarter than a fourth grader?”  The reason for this question is that at least one fourth grader seems to get this.  Pat Crocker, a regular reader of True North Reports has long been interested in making sure that her kids get exposed to both sides of the argument on this subject and has been researching this matter for a while to counter the one sided information that is presented in the school system.  Apparently her efforts have rubbed off on her fourth grader Caleb because he decided to make this the subject of an independent science investigation.  His teacher welcomed his initiative to seek out viewpoints other than the one most often presented in the public domain and here is what he came up with:

Clouds and Climate Change

Compelling information to disprove current climate change theories and present a more scientifically correct one.

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  1. Awesome Job with this article.

    Now, when will truth prevail? Answer: When we force it into conversations respectfully and graciously and the truth takes care of the rest and will prevail.

    Thank you Robert,

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