Asking the Right Question on Healthcare Reform

“House Health Care Committee Chairman Mark Larson, D-Burlington, was working to sell House Democrats on the concept of health-care reform Tuesday at their weekly caucus meeting.

“There are some people who are starting to make the argument that it’s not that broken,” Larson said of the health care system as he made the argument that it is.”    –   BFP

Perhaps Representative Larson is asking the the wrong question.  Instead of asking whether our health care system is in need of reform, perhaps we should be examining the nature of the reform being proposed.  In attempts to reform our healthcare system we have already tried community rating, Catamount Health, and VHAP, each of which involved greater government intervention into the healthcare market. The fact that we see enough of a problem with our healthcare system to be proposing yet another reform clearly indicates that the previous reforms did not get the job done. Before stomping on the gas pedal as a response and speeding up our traveling in the same direction, perhaps we should take the time to ask the question of whether the fundamental direction of these previous reforms is aggravating the problem. Maybe the answer is to reverse direction and free up the healthcare market from excessive government involvement.