Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution endorses Kornheiser against incumbent Vermont Rep. Valerie Stuart

This article originally appeared Aug. 9 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

BRATTLEBORO — Our Revolution has made its first endorsement in Vermont this election cycle. The organization, dubbed “the next step for Bernie Sanders’ movement,” has endorsed Emilie Kornheiser for Vermont House of Representatives in Brattleboro District 1 (Windham 2-1).

On learning of the endorsement late Tuesday, Kornheiser tweeted “So proud to be part of a national movement to have a government FOR the people and BY the people that SERVES the people.”

Kornheiser says her campaign platform is strongly aligned with Our Revolution’s priorities, including “Medicare for all,” paid family leave, and a higher minimum wage. She advocates investing in existing institutions to reflect the needs of the community, approaching economic development as community development, and focusing on access to quality healthcare and education, affordable housing and social supports, clean energy, and reliable and affordable telecommunications.

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3 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution endorses Kornheiser against incumbent Vermont Rep. Valerie Stuart

  1. Most “Vermonters” don’t vote for the angry socialist hypocrite, but then again it depends how you define “Vermonter”

  2. Bernie Sanders “Soap Box ” Sanders give him a podium or a camera and he will rant
    and rave. Now he’s on the tangent ” Our Revolution ” will endorse Kornheiser she’s
    on the same page as “The Bern ” free, free, free……..but who’s paying for it ???

    Well Vermont, you made this ” loudmouth ” what he is, time to redeem yourselves and
    send him and his minions packing………

    He’s got his money, yes a (1%’ R) but wants your’s to fund his Socialist Agenda

  3. Just like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro delivered to their respective lands. Why did Vermonters put this NYC socialist into the national spot light? I do know from my interaction campaigning in Bennington that for some they thought it was good to have a rabble-rouser in Congress. It would have been helpful if they understood where the rabble-rouser wanted to take our nation. Just a mess and it is done a lot of harm to Vermont in the process. But like all radical socialists, Bernie does not seem to care who gets hurt in the wake of his fraudulent ideas.

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