Big Government’s Multi-Purpose Advocate

Many of the legislative initiatives in the session that just finished had one thing in common, they were all supported by the Vermont Public Research Group. (VPIRG)  On their website they tout some of the “victories” that they achieved in this past session.  Another thing they have in common is that they all represent an expansion in the role of government.  VPIRG is big government’s multi-purpose advocate.  The group is far better funded and has far more resources than any comparable group promoting limited government.

The problem is that the huge advantage in resources that groups advocating big government have skews the political debate in such a way that Vermonters interests are often ignored.  This can be seen in the rush to pass the government takeover of our healthcare system without addressing the concerns that average Vermonters expressed.  It can also be seen in previous legislative sessions where a lot of time and energy are spent addressing matters that were not campaigned on, but were supported by well funded liberal groups.