Blue Cross proposes the largest rate hike in Catamount history

by Robert Maynard

The rate hike proposed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont would be the largest such increase in the history of the Catamount program.   One of our readers had this to say about the proosed hike:

The Catamount group consumes a lot of health care! You do not see the BCBS VACE plan with the VT Chamber of Commerce plan (high ded. plans coupled with Health Savings Accounts) asking for a premium increase because our health spending is under control. The Obamacare exchange ( Heatlh Connect) is modeled just like this…the folks with “free” health care will consume more health care.

It appears that a major pilot payment reform will be done on the “exchange insurance” with payment capitation with a statement that Wallack had said at the statehouse in the spring. The exchange insurance will ration care as too many folks in the exchange simply will consume TOO much health care. VT forces individuals and businesses into the exchange to attempt to be a buffer to this group of folks that consume a lot of health care!!!

Here is an excerpt from the Vermont Digger article that carried the story:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont wants to increase rates by an average of 24.4 percent for the last six months of the state-subsidized Catamount health plan. If approved, it would be the largest rate increase in the seven-year history of the Catamount program.

The plan and the state’s premium assistance program will cease to exist on Jan. 1, 2014, because they do not jibe with new federal laws under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.