Both sides seek legal council in the real estate dispute between Governor Shumlin and Jeremy Dodge

by Robert Maynard

It looks like Jeremy Dodge has learned his lesson from the first deal and is looking to free legal assistance from Vermont Legal Aid instead of accepting the Governor’s offer to pay for Dodge’s legal counsel in revisiting the deal.  Shumlin on his part has hired one of the most prominent lawyers in the state.  This is shaping up to be a real “David vs. Goliath”legal  battle, but at least Dodge  will not be represented this time by legal counsel financially tied to Shumlin.  The whole story is covered here by Vermont Digger:

Jeremy Dodge is seeking legal help in an attempt to reclaim his family homestead from Gov. Peter Shumlin.

“I just want to get my property back,” Dodge said.

Meanwhile, Shumlin has already lawyered up, hiring one of Vermont’s best-known attorneys, M. Jerome Diamond, to help him weather a storm of controversy that has engulfed the governor since news broke about the land deal last month. Diamond is a former Vermont attorney general and founded the Montpelier-based firm Diamond & Robinson. He and Shumlin both hail from Putney, and Diamond said they have a longstanding relationship.