Newcomer Brad Peacock launches bid for U.S. Senate, eyes Sanders’ seat and legacy

This article by Cherise Madigan originally appeared Jan. 7 in the Bennington Banner.

MANCHESTER — Brad Peacock has served his country once, and on Sunday the Shaftsbury farmer announced that he hopes to do so once again — this time in the United States Senate.

Running on an independent ticket, Peacock is vying for the seat currently held by 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Still, Peacock views his candidacy as a continuation of Sanders’ legacy rather than a challenge to it, hoping that the senator will once again aim for the Oval Office in 2020.

In the hour-long speech outlining his platform, Peacock, who is seeking political office for the first time, used personal experience to illustrate his positions on poverty, health care, climate change and civil rights. Throughout his address, the candidate emphasized community reliance and connection in the face of adversity.

“I speak to you now as a young Vermont farmer with a story to tell,” said Peacock, an employee of Shaftsbury’s Clear Brook Farm. “I am here to be vulnerable, and to speak truth to power.”

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6 thoughts on “Newcomer Brad Peacock launches bid for U.S. Senate, eyes Sanders’ seat and legacy

  1. He won’t get my vote. Just a carbon copy of Bernie. Don’t waste your time, Peacock. You are dead in the water, already.

  2. Vermont , where in the Hell do you find these people , Mr. Peacock wants to carry on the legacy
    of The Independent / Democrat / Communist Sanders ……. Wow what a statement !!

    I not sure who else is looking for Bernie’s job , but please someone , please !!!

    Just in case Mr. Peacock I’m a NO Vote .

    • @ C Henry
      “I not sure who else is looking for Bernie’s job”

      I wasn’t aware mr Peacock was interested in the Burnmeister’s seat,however I think TJ Donavan has Leaky Leahy’s seat in his mind or dreams.

  3. “Republican attack on “our most vulnerable” citizens, including seniors, children, and the poor. That attack becomes even more troubling, he says, in the face of “corporate welfare” including tax breaks and loopholes for corporations and the wealthy.”

    Ever think of changing your name from Peacock to ‘Parrot’?

  4. Any one looking to continue the legacy of Bernard J the Communist carpet bagger of Brooklyn defiantly doesn’t have my vote,next.

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