Brattleboro wants its money back; unlikely to get it

This article by Bob Audette originally appeared May 17 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

NEWFANE — Though there is a slim-to-none chance the town of Brattleboro will recoup its $70,000 loan to Cultural Intrigue, the town’s attorney filed for a default judgment Monday in Windham Superior Court, Civil Division.

“My understanding is Cultural Intrigue has left the state,” said Bob Fisher, of Fisher & Fisher in Brattleboro.

According to Fisher Cultural Intrigue, which was founded by Adam Gebb, owes the town’s small business revolving loan fund $69,432.84.

Gebb, now living in Ecuador, opened his Frost Street warehouse in January of 2011. In addition to the loan from Brattleboro, Gebb also received $140,000 in grant money from the Windham County Economic Development Program, which is funded from a $10 million grant from Entergy after it shuttered its Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon.

People’s United Bank filed a foreclosure notice on the property in October, saying in court documents filed in Windham Superior Court that Cultural Intrigue and Gebb owed the bank more than $1.55 million in principal, interest and late charges on two notes he secured in 2014 and 2015.

Assistant Town Manager Patrick Moreland told the Reformer in March, that the foreclosure initiated by People’s United Bank “eliminated the ability of the town to be repaid as part of the sale of the property.” As a result, the town filed a civil suit Feb. 16.

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2 thoughts on “Brattleboro wants its money back; unlikely to get it

  1. With all the stupidity that is going on in Brattleboro it’s obvious that the folks in charge don’t have a clue as to what they are doing. Good! Lose your money. And if the town’s people can garner up only half a brain among themselves (which could be difficult…), they will vote the dimwits out of office.

    • Lol for a second I thought the title of this story meant that a class action lawsuit was filed by Brattleboro Citizens against the town of Brattleboro for fraudulently jacking up & making new taxes plus having untrained non-certified public board members increasing property appraisals yearly to collect increased revenue. I believe Brattleboro’s form of Govt is a form which is un-accountable & has an increased potential of Govt corruption by having a Select-board / Town Meeting Day type of Govt, & at the very least two changes are needed to the current Govt form, which would be 1) a requirement of Vermont residency for those wishing to Govern Brattleboro, & 2) If a more accountable Govt wont be instituted for Brattleboro, than anybody who is in the upper echelons of Town Govt steps down, resigns, moves before Elected term is up or is fired for all reasons other than Criminal, which would be handled by law enforcement, must clear an Ethics/Wrongdoing Investigation by an Elected Independent Citizens Commission who are not connected personally or by business any of the upper, middle, & lower echelons Governing the town depts including their employees… You are exactly right Peter Morgan about the stupidity here in Brattleboro, but not all of us are Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, Anarchists, Communists, Socialists, or ANTIFA, and if there were enough people willing to join me to take back the Select-board then proceed immediately saving taxpayers money & reversing the destructive policies of virtue signaling by sharply cutting not just lowering Brattleboro Citizens Taxes, Fees, changing to a more accountable Govt, allowing the Police to do their jobs which is enforcing the law, banning the use of tax payer money to support Illegal Criminally run black markets, such as using tax dollars to set up “Legal Drug Dens” for people to do their ILLEGAL drugs they just purchased, forcing schools to teach so kids are not just being pushed through to graduating, because they arent meeting any learning standards kids are graduating & cant read, write, do basic math, some cant tell time and are high school graduates, but they can for sure recite the opinions & beliefs of their overwhelming Liberal Educators who have brought to the classroom all the Anti-American propaganda of Liberals, Democrats, Socialism, & Communism!!

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