Businesses wary of Governor Shumlin’s payroll tax proposal

 by Robert Maynard

Last week Governor Shumlin revealed his plans to use a payroll tax hike to fund single payer.  This week the business community is expressing its displeasure with the idea.  Here is an exert from a Vermont Digger article where members of the business community speak out paginate then idea:

If Gov. Peter Shumlin pursues a payroll tax to fund a publicly financed health care system, he will meet heavy resistance from one of the state’s most influential business groups.

Betsy Bishop, president of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, says her organization and its members would not look favorably on a payroll tax.

“When you take away the decision-making process, but leave the payment still in place, it disconnects the employer from the payment,” she said. “What we’re interested in is continuing a system where employers, if they are paying for health care, have some level of control over what they are paying for.”



One thought on “Businesses wary of Governor Shumlin’s payroll tax proposal

  1. I am remembering; the best part of Obongo-care and ShummyCare was that it would take the burden off employers, and give employees coverage as they moved from job to job.
    So that kept the employers quiet while they did their mischief.
    Guess what, there is no free medical care, but we politicians can fool most of the people most of the time. There are more employees than employers. There are as many not employed as employees.

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