Call for industrial wind moratorium in VT

by Rob Roper

Strong call for moratorium on industrial wind projects in Vermont

EAI was at the State House on January 3 when a bipartisan team of legislators, backed by an overflow crowd of supporters filling the Cedar Creek Room, made a strong case for imposing a three year moratorium on industrial wind projects in Vermont. Led by Senators Joe Benning (R-Caledonia) and Bob Hartwell (D-Bennington), the group gave a stark presentation of what the impact such projects are having and will have on Vermont’s landscape (to really get the impact of this, please watch the video above), and raised several questions about the efficacy of industrial wind as a tool to combat climate change, the economics of industrial wind, and the negative effects on our communities.

Here are some facts to consider in this debate:

1) Vermont law, already on the books, dictates that Vermont must get 90% of its energy from renewable sources by 2050.

2) This number includes automobile travel and home heating, which are currently fueled mostly by oil, not electricity.

3) Advocates of this plan would like to see as much of this renewable power produced locally, if possible.

We have to ask, if all of these criteria are to be met, and we are going to continue to generate the amounts of energy we need in a modern society, what will the ultimate impact on Vermont’s landscape by 2050? This is a question EAI will explore more fully in the weeks and months to come.

To learn more about energy issues in Vermont and market oriented solutions to the challenges we face, check out EAI’s Energy Education Project at

Rob Roper is theĀ president of the Ethan Allen Institute (

2 thoughts on “Call for industrial wind moratorium in VT

  1. They snuck in the turbines in Milton-Georgia; constructed by Blittersdorf, Shummy’s chum who gave $ to Shummy’s campaign coffers. I would say that was payback for the $.

    • Shumlin is tight with Mary Powell as well. And GMP (the high-speed handlers of the Lowell project) was a big donor to Shumlin’s campaign. Can’t really believe there isn’t interplay and obligations involved in those equations, right? Blittersdorf is also chummy with Bernie Sanders, who honestly needed NO donations to become re-elected this time. Seriously. But Blittersdorf donated to Bernie as well. I’d expect Shumlin’s agenda to sugar out no differently than it has thus far: his arrogance is astounding and his unwillingness to listen to concerned Vermonters with significant questions about ridgeline wind and the associated impacts is unwavering. He has GMP beside him in this corrupt agenda, and I only hope enough legislators are willing to move out of lockstep with him. However he has the final veto power.
      Bernie, on the other hand, for whom I have voted since i was able to vote, is a sell-out. Shame on Bernie! He cries about the oligarchy we are becoming/have become in this country. And he has written his book about corporate dominance. And he’s based his career in stumping for the little guy/gal. But this ridgeline wind agenda is all about corporate welfare and the Big Wind scavengers swooping in to take the tax payers dollars. With the production tax credits extended, the US taxpayers (and utility rate payerswill pay there too!!) will fund an industry unable to stand on its own without such aid! Twenty years was not not enough for the industry to prove viability. Now they’ll find a way to greenwash it and force-feed propaganda to the public.
      Ansel Adams said, “It it horrifying when we have to fight our own government to save the environment.”

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