Campaign for Vermont creates Education Research Tool to better inform voters of school budgets and student assessments

Press Release

Montpelier, VT – To better inform Vermont’s voters in advance of Town Meeting Day next Tuesday, March 4, Campaign for Vermont has put together two data sets to create an easy to use Education Research Tool (ERT) allowing citizens to simultaneously examine their school district’s budget and their district’s latest student assessment results from the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP). The ERT also allows voters to compare data among school districts. All data was obtained from Vermont’s Department of Education and profiles budget data and assessment results for the current fiscal year.

“Campaign for Vermont is pleased to provide this resource to voters so that they have another tool at their disposal when voting on their local school budgets,” said Campaign for Vermont co-founder Tom Pelham. “With the complexity of budgets these days, it is important that voters understand exactly what they are voting for or against. We believe the ERT will serve as another valuable resource for voters to consider when making important decisions about their school district spending.”

The ERT profiles the following information for each district: total budget, number of pupils, expenditure per pupil and NECAP assessment results for the various grade levels tested. Further, the ERT includes a link to the Department of Education’s “Report Viewer”, which allows voters to examine NECAP test results over time and by gender and income level, among other points for comparison.

Additionally, Campaign for Vermont released for the second year in a row a list of all Town Meeting locations, dates and times for ready access by voters.

“There is no other such list available. Campaign for Vermont was happy to once again work with town clerks from across the state to develop this list,” said Bruce Lisman, also a co-founder of Campaign for Vermont. “The Town Meeting section of our website is a one-stop-shop for information for Town Meeting Day preparation, and given the great importance of local voting, we believe this information is absolutely essential.”

For more information visit CFV’s website, look for the Town Meeting tab where you’ll find the Town Meeting Day List, an Education Funding Flowchart, a Glossary of Terms, a brief History of Vermont’s education system, CFV’s education reform proposal Putting Children First and the newly created Education Research Tool (ERT).

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