Can the Shumlin Administration be trusted to investigate itself?

by Robert Maynard

The Obama Administration has been criticized for proposing to investigate its own supposed scandals instead of having any such investigation done by an unbiased, independent source.  Not to be outdone, the Vermont state government seems to be about to do something similar.  In a response to calls from concerned Vermont citizens for an independent investigation into the Peter Shumlin – Jeremy Dodge real estate deal, Attorney General William Sorrell has passed along the job of investigating possible exploitation to state agencies.  The story was covered by Peter Hirschfeld in the Rutland Herald.  Here is a short excerpt from the article:

Sorrell said citizens have expressed a particular concern for the mental acuity of the man from whom Shumlin purchased the acreage and whether the transaction constituted abuse of a vulnerable adult.

Sorrell, who first disclosed the complaints during an interview on WDEV’s “The Mark Johnson Show” on Wednesday, said he’s referred the correspondence to the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, the state agency responsible for investigating claims of abuse or exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Again, citizens call for an INDEPENDENT investigation into this matter and Sorrell turns over the job of investigating possible exploitation, on the part of the head of state government, to state agencies!  Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?  More to the point, does anyone really think that state agencies will perform an unbiased investigation into possible exploitation on the part of the head of the state?  Just how stupid do those running the state think we are?

5 thoughts on “Can the Shumlin Administration be trusted to investigate itself?

  1. Perhaps John Mc Claughry’s smart, rich guy Shumlin is, as our English cousins would say, “too clever by half?”

  2. I am quickly remembering the hatchet job against Brian Dube for sharing some data ‘illegally” Prosecuted by Sorrell., Mega-bucks fines extracted.

    Then charges were filed against Sorrells campaign, regarding Dean’s serving both organizations and using the same speeches on each.
    Here it was no “Prob”, Bob.
    This regime investigating itself, “Sure thing!” No Problem here, just keep moving.

  3. The whitewash has been mixed and ready to go. Mr. Dodge will be proclaimed a vulnerable adult NOT. That answers the manufactured, though irrelevant,
    “complaint”. Case closed.

  4. It’s a puzzle to me how a smart, rich guy like Peter Shumlin would let himself get into a position where the public would be quick to blame him, rightly or wrongly, for taking advantage of a less rich and smart neighbor.

    • There an old sayng that “pride goes before the fall.” Perhaps Peter Shumlin’s arrogance got the best of him.

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