Candyland Governor Thinks Health Care is a Childhood Game Lollipops and Gum Are Not Going to Pay the Bill

Press Release

Montpelier, VT – Yesterday, Governor Shumlin responded to reporters with a childish remark that Single Payer Health Care could be paid for with lollipops and gum when they pushed him on what taxes could be used to pay for single payer health care.

After weeks of telling the legislature and Vermonters that he would disclose financing options in late March, the Governor has once again kicked the can down the road (another one of his childhood games) until 2015 (after the next election).

Act 48 specifically required the Governor and the Secretary of Administration to release a finance plan in January 2013. To date they have failed to release any plan.

“It time for the Governor to stop playing childhood games, follow the law and release a financing plan. Vermonter want to know what it’s going to cost and who’s going to pay,” said Darcie Johnston, founder of Vermonter for Health Care Freedom.

“We know they can’t build a functioning website or keep it secure. Now we know they don’t have the guts to tell Vermonters who’s going to pay for the largest tax increase in Vermont history,” Johnston continued.

“If this was a game and we all lived in Candyland the Governor could pay for his health care scam with lollipops and gum, but Vermonters take their health care seriously and personally and they want to know now what it’s going to cost and who is going to pay. So Governor, step up to the plate and tell us,” conclude Johnston.

Vermonter’s deserve high quality, affordable and full accessible health care and we all need to work together to reform health care for all Vermonters.