Letters and Events 3 – 28 – 2013

Time to Move On The Vermont Supreme Court has sent a clear message to those trying to shut down Vermont Yankee with legal action: there is already a process underway to determine whether the plant will continue to operate via the state Public Service Board and the court will not interfere in that process. This […]

Leters 3 – 26 – 2013

Intermittent Power vs. Baseline Power The intermittent (renewable) power that we get from wind and solar is not as valuable to us as the good baseline, zero carbon, power we used to get directly from Vermont Yankee and we now import from Seabrook. An energy policy that sets a premium on intermittent power generated from […]

Letters and Events 3 – 22 – 2013

Just a Drop in the Bucket “Just a drop in the bucket,” those words have been running through my head since a government representative gave that as a response to a proposed cut in government spending. He felt that a small cut in something would make no difference. Being a Vermonter, I understand the value […]

Events – 3 – 21 – 2013

Saturday April 6th: Castleton Republicans Spring Breakfast and meeting at the Trak-In Route 30 North in Bomoseen, 8:30 am.  Guest speakers Senator Joe Benning and Rep. Heidi Scheuermann. Please RSVP to: Al Gustafson 273-3954 agustafsonvt@comcast.net Castleton Republicans Facebook page castletonrepublicans@yahoo.com   Sunday, April 7: “Effectively Communicating Principles of Freedom” with KCarl Smith KCarl is an unyielding […]

Events 3 – 19 – 2013

Sunday, April 7: “Effectively Communicating Principles of Freedom” with KCarl Smith KCarl is an unyielding defender of the constitution and Liberty. Inspired by the guiding principles of the Founding Fathers, and holding fast to the oath taken during service to our country, he launched what is now known as the Liberty MESSENGER. KCarl captivates and inspires […]

Letters 3 – 14 – 2013

Wringing dry of the Vermont taxpayer “The wringing dry of the Vermont taxpayer is not the way to encourage new business ventures or our children to stay in Vermont. When I was the Chair of the Vernon Selectboard, we had a slogan: “maintain or improve service while decreasing cost.” It might appear that this is contradictory […]

Letters 3 – 12 – 2013

Vermont Yankee Aids in Carbon Reduction I read with interest and general agreement the comments by elected officials to the effect that Vermont must act boldly to develop energy from non-fossil fuel resources. I work at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant and I can assure you that there is no carbon-emitting “smoke stack” here. In […]

Letters 3 – 6 – 2013

VY outage good for county economy For several weeks this spring, Windham County will get a huge financial boost. About 1,200 skilled, well paid people will roll into the area, spending money on rooms, meals, gasoline, and whatever else they need. Retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and sales and service providers of all kinds will benefit from […]

Letters 2 – 7 – 2013

Public Union Agency Fees I’m writing about this Public Union Agency Fee legislation that’s swiftly moving through state government. The implication in the bill is that those who choose not to join the union are either cheapskates or opposed to the union’s agenda (as are many teachers I’ve met). In either case it seems to […]

Letters and Events 1 – 17 – 2013

Proudly Made in America America is the greatest nation on the planet. Period. When we’re out shopping and see those three words “Made in America”, there is a small bit of pride that we get out of knowing we are supporting jobs right here at home. Small mom and pop store or multibillion dollar corporation, […]