Citizens want Property Tax Accountability

Press Release:

88% think $27 million should be restored to Education Fund

Montpelier (April 10, 2012) – Campaign for Vermont Founder Bruce Lisman and Founding Partner Heidi Scheuermann announced the results of the organization’s first online survey. Last month, Campaign for Vermont enhanced its website to include a “Poll” intended to provide a mechanism for citizens to provide feedback. The poll is much like the Washington County Republican Senator Bill Doyle’s Poll, Glover Democrat Representative Sam Young’s Poll, or WCAX-TV polls on specific issues.

Campaign for Vermont Online Poll Question #1: Should the Governor and Legislature reverse the decision they made last year and restore the $27 million transferred from the education fund to support general fund expenditures? Eighty-eight percent of respondents said “yes, I think the $27 million should be restored to the education fund.” Eleven percent said “no, I think is appropriate to divert the $27 million for general fund expenditures.”

Heidi Scheuermann a Founding Partner of Campaign for Vermont said, “The first question we asked was about the funding of public education; and the result is not surprising. Vermonters believe government should be accountable for decisions it makes. And this one increases property taxes on Vermonters in perpetuity by almost three cents.”

“Just last week I urged more than 100 representatives of the business community to engage the legislature in a debate over a transformation of the education delivery and funding system. If policymakers can divert $27 million from the education fund with little or no knowledge by the general public, something is wrong,” added Scheuermann.

Bruce Lisman said, “Campaign for Vermont evaluates every issue through a double lens. First, does the proposed policy help to build a more vibrant economy which leads to shared prosperity? And second, does the policy provide transparency and accountability so Vermonters know where their money is spent and how well it is spent?”

Lisman added, “Campaign for Vermont will continue to advocate for a robust debate of mainstream, moderate, common-sense-to-a-fault public policy ideas. We want to change the State’s priorities toward the pursuit of a vibrant, diversified economy that lifts all Vermonters’ incomes.”

2 thoughts on “Citizens want Property Tax Accountability

  1. What percent of the State of Vermont revenue is funding K-12 public schools and higher education?

  2. We need relief on VT property taxes. We also need to have a process where voters can be informed about the impact on their tax burden before the citizen votes. We vote in March, the tax rate is set in July, get the tax bill here in September, due in November, foreclose the following October. Sounds backwards. In this case, 3 cents forever (on $100 property value) is going to pay for something not intended at first, forever? This is too complicated and unfair and un-fightable. Also expressing taxes in pennies really understates the impact to people with farm property like ourselves or renters who will get a rent hike. How can we get people to speak up against unfair taxation? When I write my rep and they vote their own conscience, how powerless can a girl feel? Realistically, Many citizens have given up on voting. Their silence takes away from all of us.

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