Public Health Association head: Climate change ‘already is having impact on individual health’

This article originally appeared May 10 in the Bennington Banner.

MONTPELIER — Who is most affected by climate change, and why? What can we expect in terms of health effects as the climate continues to change? And, what does this mean for Vermont’s future? These questions and more will be discussed at the annual meeting of the Vermont Public Health Association (VtPHA) at Montpelier’s Capitol Plaza Hotel May 30.

“When people think about climate change, it’s often in abstract ways; they think about shorelines or agriculture'” said Sally Kerschner, president of the VtPHA. “But climate change is personal because it will — indeed, already is — having an impact on individual health. That’s you and me, our neighbors, family and loved ones right here in Vermont.”

Research shows that climate also disproportionately affects different segments of the population, particularly the young, elderly, those with preexisting health conditions, and people who live or work in areas most exposed to the effects of climate change. This disparity is behind the concept of health equity. “Simple things we might not even think of, such as an elderly person having access to an air conditioner during a heat wave—this is how health equity and climate change intersect,” said Kerschner. “So, having these conversations is important for the health of all Vermonters.”

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5 thoughts on “Public Health Association head: Climate change ‘already is having impact on individual health’

  1. How awful – the inequity suffered by those billions of oldsters who have lived without air conditioning back when the climate wasn’t changing.

  2. Will windbags like this sit on a block of ice in order to keep their job? You bet: lying for a living is easier than having to work for one.

  3. “Health Equity” – That’s a new one on me! I wonder how much it will cost ($$ and personal liberty) to achieve health equity? The Left sees “equality” as an outcome, which any amount of analytical thinking will prove to be impossible no matter how much money is thrown at the goal or how much control is exerted on pesky human beings.
    “. . . people who live or work in areas most exposed to the effects of climate change.” I believe the ENTIRE PLANET is exposed to climate changes and has been for billions of years. Funny how the climate alarmists accuse skeptics of being unscientific and at the same time try to paint a scenario of a climate that DOESN’T change or the fantastical idea that humans can STOP the climate from changing. But then again, if one digs deeper into the issue, it’s fully apparent that it’s NOT about the climate changing or not changing, it’s about ultimate control of every man, woman and child.

  4. Climate Change is having an effect on our health. All that blather about it is killing brain cells of thinking people and making mushwits of the currently being indoctrinated attendees of our higher institutions of lower learning.

    Then again, one has to consider that this is the agenda of the Leftist twits.

  5. Air conditioners? Cold is more deadly than heat. Some records were broken during this past winter and no guarantee from the AGW cartel the next won’t be worse – is more being done on pipelines to increase the availability of gas and to insure security against electricity blackouts?

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