Big changes proposed for schools in West River Modified Union education district

This article by Chris Mays originally appeared June 28 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

TOWNSHEND — The West River Modified Union Education District could be the first local school system to see large-scale changes in how facilities are run together under a merged structure.

A proposed plan calls for the re-organization of elementary schools.

“So it would involve students attending new school arrangements in different locations than they do now,” Superintendent Bill Anton told the Reformer. “Some students would have extended travel times from where they currently attend. This change would take some transition and getting used to.”

Option A would have have four campuses: 3-and-4-year-olds at an early learning center at the current Jamaica Village School, K-2nd-grade students at a primary school at the current Townshend Elementary School, 3rd- to 5th-graders at an intermediate school at the NewBrook Elementary School, and students in grades 6-12 at Leland & Gray Union Middle and High School.

Option B would have one less campus with the early learning center at Townshend hosting students up to 2nd grade, an elementary school at NewBrook, and Leland & Gray with grades 6-12. In order for this to happen, Jamaica residents would need to vote on no longer offering education in their town’s school. Its location being more distant from the others made it the candidate for pre-k or closure.

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2 thoughts on “Big changes proposed for schools in West River Modified Union education district

  1. The headline is FAKE News
    It should read school system threatens public to either agree to close the most distant school OR ELSE they will ship the youngest children to it.

    The real solution should be something like use the high school for k-8 and pre-school daycare while having a 1 room pre-school daycare if needed out in the boonies and send the 9-12 kids to other high schools.

    Vermont’s rural bedroom communities full of commuters isn’t viable in the 21st century.

    Generation Fail is spoiled and has no problem solving skills. There is no way children are going to learn much from the child like adults running things in this country.

  2. Idiotic chaos when the family sends 4 kids on how many buses?, and they go to 4 different schools. WHAT! The first time a 3 year old goes to school, there is not a single sibling from this larger family?

    This is what we get when the schools are taken away from the local parents on the school board.

    Is this jibberish or worse “Anton said the pre-k center would run full days and the other campuses would focus closely on specific “developmental and instructional clusters allowing for focused operations.”

    Then goes on “.” The plan, he said, calls for “more flexibility for student groupings, more focused instructional bands and opportunities for whole community involvement.”

    “SO” -Do any more of these highly educated superintendents suffer from “developmental and instructional clusters?”

    Maybe they should make the school bus coordinator the superintendent. If he can make this nightmare work, he may be the only smart one there.

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