Congressman Alan West fires up an overflow crowd in Waterbury

by Rob Roper

It was less than two weeks ago word went out that Congressman Alan West would be coming to Vermont. Yet, for all the short notice, on Sunday night he spoke to an overflow crowd of 200-plus at the Country Club of Vermont in Waterbury. West, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Army paratroopers and one of two African-American Republicans elected to the U.S. Congress in the electoral wave of 2010, has emerged as an eloquent national spokesperson for Constitutional Conservatism.

West was introduced by Senator Randy Brock (R-Franklin), who, if elected, would be Vermont’s first African American governor. (The white liberals in the Vermont press corps don’t seem as excited at that prospect of that milestone as they were with Barack Obama’s.) West represents the 22nd district in Florida, but faces a newly modified constituency after the post-2010 census redistricting. The Left views West as such a “terrifying” threat that George Soros has pledged to spend $5 million out of his own deep pockets to defeat the man in 2012.

Here in Vermont, Paul Heintz, a columnist for Seven Days (who, before scoring that gig was voted by Seven Days as “best flack” for his work as Peter Welch’s communications director) was again flacking for Vermont Democrats with an attack blog post (Is it racist when a white liberal attacks an African-American politician? Cuz, you know….), attempting to paint West as some kind of extremist. But for those who take the time to pay attention to what Allen West has to say (as opposed to the false hyperventilating of Vermont’s “best flack,” here are some of the thoughts Allen West shared:

We are citizens of the United States of America, and we must, wherever we are, stand upon the principles that made this country great…. Liberty. Freedom.

[We need to help] people to understand the incredible choice the American people have to make: Will America continue to be a constitutional republic, which is what was left [by our forefathers] for each and every one of us, or will American become a socialist, egalitarian, welfare, nanny-state, which is the [liberal] vision?

When you have a president who stands up and talks about the fact that our small business owners, our entrepreneurs, that indomitable spirit that made this country what it is in 236 years – for him to say that you did not build that, that goes at the fundamental principles and values that Jefferson wrote down in the Declaration.

Limited Government is what we are and who we are. And with limited government comes fiscal responsibility.

West is a proponent of “peace through strength,” and raised some serious red flags in regard to what he sees as the gutting of the United States military under President Obama. He also warned that the modern welfare state is a new form of slavery, and pointed to the destruction of the African-American family as the result of generations of liberal polices.

West spoke for about twenty minutes (and without a teleprompter!) Look for a full transcript of his remarks later this week in True North Reports.


3 thoughts on “Congressman Alan West fires up an overflow crowd in Waterbury

  1. Lt. Col.Allen West was just what we Vermonters needed. Rep. West spoke of God, Country and family….The AMERICAN DREAM! I for one will stand for these values and fight for them if necessary! Who will stand with me?
    Diane R Tardif

  2. Congressman West was great!!! So glad I was able to attend. It was great to be around like minded people. Many thanks to the people who were responsible for bringing Congressman West to Vermont.

  3. My husband and I attended Sunday evening and are so glad we were able to go. Allen West is a remarkable and stirring speaker….and as you mentioned, no teleprompter. He speaks from the heart.

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