Conservative College Students Enter the Talk Radio Arena

by Robert Maynard

Our nation’s colleges and universities have long been seen as one of the country’s bastions of liberalism. In addition, nowhere is liberalism any stronger than it is here in Vermont. These two facts would make a Vermont college an unlikely breeding ground for conservative talk radio programs. Nether the less, a couple of students from Saint Michael’s College have taken on the role of a conservative David to Vermont liberalism’s Goliath:

The Vermont Avenger Show is the newest addition to the Green Mountain State’s world of conservative talk radio. “The Vermont Avenger” is Dan J. Bower alongside Mike O’Neill.

This is how they describe the purpose of their endeavor:

The duo seek to provide a conservative perspective on American politics, culture, faith and any other topic that they see fit.

As conservatives they value the ideas in the Pledge of Allegiance, “Liberty and Justice for ALL.” Anyone is fair game on the Vermont Avenger! As most would expect, the campus and nation wide left will be under attack, but they won’t hesitate to call out those who make a mockery of the conservative movement on the far right.

The Vermont Avenger Show is dedicated to exposing the left wing culture of corruption in Vermont and America and to taking down the far right fringe.

The Constitution is our guide, God is our Light. Liberty or Death.

So, who are these conservative Davids?

Dan J. Bower is a conservative activist and sophomore student at St. Michael’s College. He is a Tea Party conservative and a true believer in the Constitution. He is a Political Science major and occasional columnist. He is the former host of Fail & Live Long, which also aired on WWPV. He is the president of the SMC Conservatives.

Mike O’Neill is a conservative and religious freedom activist and sophomore at St. Michael’s College. He is a mainstream American conservative and fellow believer in the Constitution. He is a political science and religious studies major. He is the co-president of the SMC Conservatives.

Here are some specifics about their show:

The Vermont Avenger Show airs on WWPV 88.7 The Mike FM on Fridays at 10 PM through 2 AM. Streaming online is also available.