Constitution Day celebration a success in St. Albans

On a dazzling late summer September 17th, a new organization of conservative women, ACWA (American Consrvative Women in Action), treated the citizens of St. Albans to a celebration of the United States Constitution. People young and old turned out to Taylor Park to pay respect to the flag, the men and women who protect it and what it stands for, and to publicly read our most important governing document cover to cover.

Participants included the Boy Scouts, the VFW Color Guard, several members of the Vermont National Guard who spoke in honor of the U.S. Constitution and the oath the military takes to defend it, the Vietnam Veterans of Vermont who conducted the POW/MIA ceremony, and Woodmen of the World in Franklin County who donated pocket copies of the Constitution, which were handed out to any who wanted one.

Linda Kirker, the founder of ACWA and the spark behind the day’s activities, was delighted with the results. “For a first time out we had a decent turn out,” said Kirker. We got a lot of positive feedback and a lot of ideas for next year.”

The goal of the event was to create awareness so that, “parents, grandparents and all of our citizens will stand up to protect their freedoms and Constitutional rights before they are taken from us and our grandchildren.”

The most pleasant surprise for Kirker was the number of peoplewho stepped forward when asked to participate in reading the Constitution out loud. Over twenty people of all ages took part in the reading, and many more read along in the pocket Constitutions passed out by the organizers.

Patricia Crocker attended with her youngest son, Caleb. “He really enjoyed talking to the service folks. He hero-worships anybody in the military.” She and Caleb also enjoyed the Customs & Immigration table. “The gentleman there gave us some of the literature about what someone needs to learn to become an American citizen and after looking through it, I wondered if our newest citizens know more about our country than some of the citizens who have been born here! I was glad that when I went through the flashcards he gave us with my kids, they both knew just about every answer, so I guess I feel good about that!”

Kay Trudell (an ACWA member) was also pleased with the way the day turned out. “I loved the entire event. It was the first one of its type that I have ever attended in Vermont. All of the members of the American Conservative Women in Action — especially ACWA President Linda Kirker — worked hard to put it together.

Trudell was particularly touched by one gentleman who suffered from impaired vision. “He spent weeks practicing his section of the Constitution so it would be read aloud correctly. It was an event to stir the heart and to rightly honor the timeless document under which we, as U.S. citizens, have been blessed to live.”

The ACWA members are already planning next years event, and are thinking bigger and better. Kirker envisions an essay contest for kids, an art contest, and more organizers in period costumes.

“Our U. S. Constitution is noble, precious, and unique,” said Trudell. “It must never be forgotten nor taken for granted. It was birthed through great personal sacrifice and integrity on the part of our Founding Fathers, and with sacrifice and integrity it must be defended and preserved.”