Constitution Day event honors the U.S Constitution

by Linda Kirker

Your U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and the precious and unique document that clearly defines and restricts the role of our Federal government. The founders of our great nation were fearful of big government after their experiences with King George III of Great Britain and the British Parliament. In this new land, the Colonists determined to establish a government that would empower the several sovereign states and the people. So, they created a government of, by and for the people.

The United States Constitution is short in length and carefully written so that it is easy to understand. It consists of a PREAMBLE which states the purpose of the document, seven ARTICLES that construct and explain our government’s three branches: The EXECUTIVE branch that describes the role of the President , the LEGISLATIVE branch that defines the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and the JUDICIAL branch that describes the court system, etc. The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. In 1791, the BILL OF RIGHTS, or the first ten Amendments to the Constitution, were added.

There was deep concern among several of the founders that while the Constitution defined its purpose and the structure and duties of government, it did not protect the Unalienable Rights of the individual; the rights we have because we exist as people, human beings whom the founders believed were endowed with certain rights by God. They believed that those individual rights do not come from government, but are ours because we exist as human beings. That would mean that government could not take those rights away. Some of those rights are life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

The founders of our nation were courageous, determined men who pledged their lives, their honor, and their fortunes to their purpose of creating an anchor of freedom and opportunity for themselves and their heirs. Many lost their lives in the great struggle for freedom from the tyranny and oppression of Great Britain, a formidable foe in the struggle for liberty in America.

Two hundred and thirty-six years later, we need to be reminded that our freedoms and rights are protected by the Constitution, the foundation of our nation. Our duty as citizens, and our responsibility as Americans, is to study and understand how the Constitution protects each one of us. If we choose to idly sit back as uninformed, uninvolved citizens with our heads in the sand, we will pay a big price for that ignorance and lack of participation. Our rights can be easily taken from us if we are not alert and knowledgeable Americans.

The road to establishing a nation where the people would be free was excruciatingly difficult. Many sacrifices were made. Our duty to preserve our precious, unique freedoms is also difficult. We owe it to men like George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, to name a few, to stand up for our Constitution. We also owe it to our children and grandchildren to save them from the tyranny that power hungry men would chain us with, unless we understand our history and the power that we have as citizens of the United States of America. Congress gets its power from the consent of the governed….IF and WHEN we assume our duty as vigilant, educated Americans.

On September 14th, 2013, at 11:00 a.m. , your U.S. Constitution , and mine, will be celebrated at the Civil War Memorial at Taylor Park in St. Albans. All American Patriots are welcome. Join us for a restoration of patriotism with music by the Citizens Concert Band and a speech by KrisAnne Hall of Florida, a lawyer, mother, veteran, national radio host and speaker who travels our nation telling the story of our Constitution. Look for posters with more event details. There will be food, raffles, free Constitutions, youth participation and so much more. Bring your family and friends to the only Constitution Day Celebration in Vermont. You’ll be glad you did.

Linda Kirker, President
American Conservative Women in Action
Event Coordinator

One thought on “Constitution Day event honors the U.S Constitution

  1. Thank you for bringing this important event to the attention of your followers.

    Without our Constitution protecting our freedoms and rights, we would be vulnerable to a worldwide government that would erase those very precious freedoms and opportunities. We are vulnerable unless we American citizens stand up for our liberties., NOW. The battle is on for control of this nation.
    What will you do to make sure that your children and grandchilren know what it like to be free?

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