Democrat Committee holds H.202 Forum in Burlington

By Angela Chagnon

Democrats held a public forum on H.202 Wednesday night at the Contois Auditorium in Burlington. True North Reports and Channel 17 were the only media outlets to cover the event.

The panel of speakers consisted of Rep. Mark Larson (D-Burlington), Chair of the Healthcare Committee; Senators Sally Fox and Hinda Miller (D-Burlington), members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee; Anya Rader Wallack, Healthcare Advisor to Governor Shumlin; and Dr. Deb Richter, a single-payer advocate and lobbyist.

Rep. George Till (D-Jericho), a physician who is not supportive of a single payer system, was expected to attend but was not present. “Unfortunately he is unable to join us tonight,” he said. “So, uh, it’s not for any reason other than he was just physically unable to be here.”

The first video contains the highlights of the opening comments of the panel, and the second video is a shortened version of the question and answer session. Attendees were asked to write their questions on an index card which were then submitted to the moderator.

Part 1, The Presentation



Part 2, Q&A Session