Democratic Leadership Leading America Down the Wrong Path

by Linda Kirker

President Obama and his cohorts have worked hard to destroy America’s economy and drive businesses and jobs out of the country through high taxes, unrealistic regulations and economic uncertainty. That’s why 14 million workers are unemployed. If you include the underemployed and those who have given up looking for work, the number of Americans out of work is greatly increased.. Hmmm! That means more people dependent on taxpayer-funded unemployment benefits, welfare, Medicaid, WIC, housing support, Obama phones, etc. Under the Obama administration, we have moved away from Constitutional freedoms to government control of education funding and curriculum, government control of business, government control of 33% of U.S. land, government control of the environment, now government control of your health care and numerous Presidential executive orders that circumvented the powers of Congress. Beware!

In less than four years, Obama and the democrats in Congress have increased U.S. debt by over FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS for a total national debt of 16 Trillion. The stimulus approach to improve the economy was a huge failure. What it stimulated was an increased national debt. A country with huge debt is vulnerable. China and Saudi Arabia own a portion of U.S. debt. We need new national leaders who understand that our country cannot continue down the path of insurmountable debt that will burden our children and grandchildren.

Obama talks about improving the country’s infrastructure and hiring more teachers (unionized employees). The unions are big financial supporters of Obama and the democrats. Thank goodness that the Supreme Court acknowledged that corporations represent individuals, just like unions represent their members. Otherwise, the multi-billions thrown by unions to democrat candidates would have no competition….the way they like it. Now the campaigns are more equally balanced financially and able to reach the voters who can decide who to support.

Mitt Romney is a very successful businessman who has helped numerous failing companies to successful outcomes. Yes, Mr. Romney became wealthy while helping others. That is the American way. Good for him! He is an example for other Americans who want to become financially secure through hard work. His GOP running mate, Paul Ryan, a young, financial genius, is prepared to bring this great nation back to the founding principles of individual rights and opportunity, sovereign states, and a sovereign nation that balances its budget to make the country economically stable. It is incumbent upon Congress to pay its bills as it goes along, versus creating debt by spending more money than our nation generates on an annual basis.

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney have a Medicare plan that will protect all citizens currently age 55 and over. Those currently on Medicare will stay on their plan. A new Medicare plan with choices of insurance plans will be available to those under age 55 when they reach Medicare age. . By contrast, President Obama and the democrats in Congress have a plan to rob more than $700 Billion from Medicare to put that money into Obamacare, the government-controlled health care plan that decides what health care you are eligible for.

Do you realize that the U.S. Senate has not agreed to bring a budget up for a vote for over three years? Those Senators have a lot of explaining to do to the American public. No budget? No limit on spending! Shameful! Ask Senators Leahy (an ultra liberal) and Sanders (a self-proclaimed Socialist) why they haven’t forced a budget vote. These Senators are not your traditional democrats of the past.

By the way, the democrat party under Barack Obama has created a nation divided. They continually stir up racial and multicultural issues and wealth envy to create resentment and division among Americans. Their spewed rhetoric, anger and untruths have misled the people, who deserve better.

Years ago, the democrat party was reasonable. The old democrat party of our parents and grandparents’ time has evolved into an ultra liberal, progressive position. Progressives do not support individual empowerment and financial success. Progressives and socialists are anti-individual empowerment, anti -wealth and anti-business. They prefer collectivism, large, costly government that controls the citizens, their wealth & property, through high taxes and regulations.

Just take a look at what the Obama administration has done…takeover of higher education funding, cash for clunkers that removed affordable used cars from the market, taxpayer stimulus money to auto companies (much of it still not paid back), multi-billions of your money invested in Solyndra, and several other solar companies, that went bankrupt (more taxpayer money down the drain), signing the START TREATY with Russia whereby the U.S. agreed to limit our nuclear defense system, while Russia’s friend ,Iran, (no friend of the U.S.) is building up its nuclear capacity. You can thank Senator Leahy for sponsoring that effort to put the United States at risk. At the same time, the democrats in Washington, D.C. want to take $1 Trillion dollars from the Defense Department budget. There is so much more damage that has been done to our country by Obama and his Czars, but you can see the picture.

Voters have a huge decision to make. Will we resume a Constitutional Republic form of government or foster further socialism? Our economy is over the edge of a cliff, putting our people at great risk. This country was built on hard work, strong principles, individual responsibility and independence from government. The question is: do you want to be free, or do you want a large, socialist government to control your life? That is what is at stake in the November elections. I vote for freedom.


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  1. Linda, if I may be so bold as to say, that you mirror some of the views of Liall Fergesson whose article appears in the very liberal publication we have come to know as Newsweek. In the spirit of the Chick fil-a reverberation, I propose that conservatives support the circulations of liberal press who would start reporting the truth. I think that I will begin by purchasing 5 copies of Newsweek to pass around to people who think that the country has been on the right path for the last four years.
    “The truth will rise from the earth” – Isiah the prophet.

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