Democrats in a Desperate Search for More Tax Capacity

Prior to becoming Governor Peter Shumlin had indicated several times that Vermont had run out of tax capacity and that we need to address our spending problem: “We are spending too much, and have used up our tax capacity.” (WCAX YCQM 1/14/07) “There is no more tax capacity left in Vermont. There is no more money in the bank.” (Rutland Herald, 2/1/07). “It’s just not there. We are tapped out.” (Brattleboro Reformer, 2/20/07).  Given this revelation from then Senator Shumlin, one would think that now Governor Shumlin would be doing everything he could to address the fact that “we are spending too much,” and avoid any further attempts to burden the already admittedly over burdened Vermont taxpayers.

It seems that Governor Shumlin has suffered from some form of amnesia because he seems to have forgotten the revealed truth that he preached so clearly before he became Governor.  Certainly his colleagues in the Democratically controlled Vermont Legislature have not gotten the message, as they appear to be in a desperate search for more tax capacity to feed their spending addiction.  Their latest foray into to realm “tax everything you can possibly imagine” was covered in this Vermont Digger article:

In a party line vote, representatives in the Vermont House overwhelmingly supported a 5-cent increase in the statewide property tax on Wednesday. Democrats, who dominate the House chamber, and a handful of Progressives voted for the tax hike after a two-hour debate that explored every facet of the state’s complex property tax system. The tally was 96-45, almost exactly the split between Democrats and Republicans in the 150-member body.

If Vermonters do not get serious about replacing our current political leadership very soon there will be nothing left to tax.

2 thoughts on “Democrats in a Desperate Search for More Tax Capacity

  1. Nothing left to tax? There is plenty left to “tax.” But taxation is not descriptive. The right phrase is “economic coercion” as in Argentina, USSR, Cuba, Venezuela…..Cambodia? Anything is possible that is why we are armed.

  2. They say go to town meeting and you have control. Only the local selectman don’t care if you live here. They jack up the taxes and sell your property for being 6 months late. Now when the state raises taxes and the town sells my property for paying late, where will I go, where will you go?

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