Did Vermont’s Democratic leadership aid contractor in defrauding the state of Vermont?

by Robert Maynard

The recent Newsweek article on the Vermont Health Connect fiasco portrayed Vermont’s political leadership as “a bunch of unsophisticated local yokels who were taken for a ride by an unscrupulous global contractor,” according to Seven Days.  Just how bad they/we got “taken for a ride” is someting that Vermont’s GOP leaderhip is trying to determine, reports Vermont Digger:

Republican leaders from both chambers of the Legislature are calling for a federal investigation into allegations that technology firm CGI defrauded the state.

In a letter sent Wednesday to U.S. Attorney Tristram Coffin, the lawmakers requested that his office investigate “whistleblower allegations” regarding a potentially “fraudulent software demonstration” in July.

The Seven Days article highlights questions raised about how factual the Newsweek article was, but Newweek is standing by their story and is confident of their facts.  It seems that the GOP leadership agrees with them.  The question is whether Vermonts Democratic political leaders are simply “a bunch of unsophisticated local yokels who were taken for a ride.”  While the GOP insists on getting an investigation into possible fraud, it might be a good idea to investigate possible cronyism, which enabled that fraud.  The Obamacare website was set up by the same contractor, apparenty they got a no-bid contract.  Political connections may have had something to do with that:

But who exactly is CGI and how do they relate to the U.S. Federal Government?

CGI owns another company called Silver Oak Solutions (SOS) which specializes in business construction platforms which take advantage of large government contracts. Seemingly innocuous until you look into what SOS controls under their proprietary development.

Through the development of its own proprietary Spend Management offerings called PRISM®, [SOS] grew from under $1 million in revenue in 1999 to over $23 million in 2005. During this period, Silver Oak Solutions emerged as the pioneer and clear market leader in the government / public sector, which represents a $100 billion total market opportunity. (link)

PRISM®” might be familiar to you because of NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden. This UK Guardian article is from July 2013 and was one of the first to reveal the NSA super-secret cyber spying program on Americans.

So, CGI seems to have used its close ties to a Democratic Administration in Washington D.C. to get the bid to set up the national Obamacare website.  Vermont’s Democratic leaders often brag about leading the way on national health care reform.  So which is it, are they “a bunch of unsophisticated local yokels who were taken for a ride,” or are they sophisticated political visionaries who are leading the way for national reform?  If the latter is the case is the case, were they really taken for a ride or were they helping with the steering in taking the rest of us for a ride?  If the former is the case, are they really sophisticated enough to be trusted with a takeover of our health care system.

One thought on “Did Vermont’s Democratic leadership aid contractor in defrauding the state of Vermont?

  1. Hi,

    Love your many articles on Vermont Health Connect (VHC).

    It seems to me there are two other reasons CGI was able to launch their unfinished project called Vermont Health Connect.

    The Shumlin administration, Medicare and Medicaid Service Center (CMS), Obama administration, and the national and Vermont Democrats are hell-bent on implementing a Single Payer experiment on us in 2017.

    With this pressure in mind VHC had to start in 2014 to pave the way logistically. 2017 is a very short time frame to implement Single Payer being that it is ten times more complicated than VHC. The VHC 2015 enrollment requires employers with 51 to 100 employees enroll and 2016 employers with 101 plus employees must enroll therefore capturing most under age 65 citizens that could be then transferred easily from a government agency, the VHC, into single payer the next year.

    Also VHC had to start in 2014 or the entire Single payer project could be in political jeopardy. After 2016 the White House and or the US Senate could be Republican and all the necessary waivers and federal funding for single payer could dry up.

    These reasons I think explain why a chaotic start was acceptable to the Shumlin administration. These people are not a bunch of unsophisticated local yokels. They are crafty politicians with a master plan and Single Payer in 2017 is their end game.

    If my theory is correct this means the Shumlin administration and all VHC staff figured the problems and fears Vermonters would undoubtedly face with VHC was worth it to keep Single Payer on track. This is more troubling than being unsophisticated local yokels, because it means they have all been laying from the start about VHC and were willing to harm unsuspecting innocent Vermonters to sustain their political goal called Single Payer.

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