Video: Do border walls work or not?

Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California say President Donald Trump’s border wall would be ineffective, but plenty of other countries have walls — and they work.

In The Daily Caller News Foundation fact check videos, Anders Hagstrom highlights claims from politicians and the media alike, setting the record straight on double standards and mischaracterizations.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Do border walls work or not?

  1. Walls Work Democrats Don’t , Get rid of Democrats and Build More Walls
    (demonrats do claim they work but sense it’s against America and Americans it’s not)

  2. Of course they work. The problem here is that the Trump Hate Express Train engineered by Schumer and The Conductress Pelosi has consumed them and other like minded fools to the point we are at now. If walls were questionable in the results acheived there would be something different surrounding the Obama property, the Bush Estate in Kennebunkport Maine; and of couse in Israel, the wall presence goes back a long, long time. It is pure hatred, and a drive to stop Trump from doing anything deemed to be a success with great outcomes. The D’s are beside themselves, operating in chaos, confusion and utter disbelief still, that HRC lost the election in 2016. They do not listen to the people, they are on a mission of their own; which unfortunately is not tracking with the will of the people.Take note Leahy, Welch, and Sanders.

  3. Hypocritical DemocRATs, with their leaders ” Crying” Chuck Schumer New York should be proud
    of this arrogant buffoon or then you have California’s,” Queen ” Nancy ( Wow) with the remainder
    of the DNC’s goon squad ( Radical Left) willing to leave the southern border open so illegals can enter ” breaking the law ” and “National Security ” concern, just to show they will do just about anything to stop the POTUS…….. Shameful Display !!

    Yes, they can say what they want NOW, but they have all agreed and paid for a wall, fence, barriers
    in the past ……. What Hypocrites.

    I don’t care what political Party you belong to or support ( Secure the Border) Walls, Fences, Barriers work they know it.

    What’s around there property ??

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