Doctor Exodus Possible Under Single Payer

Representative George Till’s survey of Vermont’s doctors came out today and revealed some interesting results.  First of all there was the response to the question of whether they support a move to a single payer system.  Despite the groups representing doctors, who the progressives parade in front of the cameras indicating that doctors support this, a plurality of the doctors who responded to the survey do not support the move to a single payer system.  The question was asked: “Would you be in favor a publicly financed, state government operated “single payer” health system paid for by broad based taxes?”  44.2% said yes and 45.6% said no.  Among specialists the responses were 56.5% against and 33.5% in favor.   When it comes to the provider tax that H.202 calls for, the results were even more clear.  The question was asked: “Would you be willing to pay a 5.5% provider tax on your net revenue if it would allow Medicaid rates to be increased to Medicare rates plus 10%?”  44.4% said no and 23.6% said yes, that is almost a 2 to 1 ratio.  The numbers for specialists were 48.2% to 21.5%

The most revealing answer was the response to this question: “Would you be likely to stop practicing in Vermont if a government run single payer health care system was initiated?”  28.4% of all doctors said yes to this question.  When looking just at specialists, the percentage rose to 37.  Losing this percentage of our healthcare providers would have an absolutely devastating effect on both the cost and quality of our healthcare.  As pointed out by the film “Sick and Sicker“, Canada has a significant problem with a doctor shortage under their single payer healthcare system and it looks like we have evidence that Vermont will as well if we go that route.  Why on earth are we even considering pushing this through?

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  1. This is precisely what doctors have been saying in private. They will be leaving practice or retiring early if single payer goes into effect. Great information.

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