Doing Business in Vermont

Here is an interesting piece from the Vermont GOP:

Vermont Republican Party Chair Pat McDonald today reacted today to CEO Steve Voigt of King Arthur’s comments on doing business in Vermont.

“…many Roundtable members ~ especially those in financial or professional services, which are dependent on business growth in other sectors ~ are reluctant to make significant investments in their company’s physical or human resources until they have a better picture of the future costs associated with those investments, namely health care and budget issues at the state and federal levels.” ~ Vermont Business Roundtable Chair Steve Voigt, CEO, King Arthur Flour(Vermont Business Magazine 7/5/11)

McDonald said, “With the economic recovery stalling out and many Vermonters struggling to make ends meet, news that business leaders in our state are holding back due to uncertainty created, in part, by the single-payer health care proposal should serve as a wake-up call to the Governor and Democrats that their policies are harming job creation in Vermont.

“Republicans have repeatedly called for more information and transparency from Democrats around their health care proposal. Business leaders need the same information. That’s why it is critical that, at the very least, Democrats explain how they will pay for their health care scheme, how much it will cost, what type of coverage will be offered and what other alternatives are available sooner rather than later. Vermonters can’t stand two years of uncertainty, which will hold back hiring and risk the economic well-being of our state even further.”