Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gun-Fight

By Kevin Joseph Ryan

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” That’s a quote from newly elected President Barack Obama, made on June 13, 2008. He certainly brought it Tuesday night. The Democrats and liberals spent the past year demagouging every issue, ramping up the drama, and calling Republicans every name in the book. Our job was in the election cycle, as Governor Shumlin put it, “To spread fear.”

The Vermont GOP must become more conservative in the next two years. Yes, we must be right-wing extremists. We just tried moderation. We got our heads handed to us. Yes, I know it was essentially 50/50, but we lost the Presidency, we have Bernie for another six years, we lost the Governor’s race, the auditor’s, the treasurer’s race and the Vermont Legislature is still mostly Democrats.

The reason for this? We are hateful homophobes who will force women to bear the children of rapists, we want to close schools, make the poor starve and make sure the elderly and the sick die in the streets with no insurance. Do I really think any of this is true? No. But the voters do, and that is because they got told this from the Democrats.

They are not nice to us, they are not going to be. We “Reached Out”, they spat in our faces. Have you heard the latest? The Stock Market tanked today following the re-election of Obama. It did so, not because of the re-election, but because the Republicans plan to continue “obstructing” the Obama plan to restore the economy via tax increases and additional government regulations. Seriously, that’s the word in the news today.

So, “moderation” in Vermont doesn’t work. It frankly doesn’t work anywhere. The public must be educated as to what does work…allowing people to pursue their own dreams, by their own methods, working co-operatively with others privately to address their own issues and challenges. This can be chaotic, even dangerous, but ultimately, it results in innovation, progress and success as a society.

If we do not teach this, consistently , the other team will teach that forcing each other to submit to high taxation, mandated programs, and one-size-fits all ways of living life is the only way society can survive. They will teach that WE are the problem, with our hateful rhetoric and uncaring lack of morals. They will teach this to your children. Success is evil. Achievement is only valuable if it is collective. This teaching cannot be permitted. It is a road to destruction.

No more reaching out. No more “Moderate Mitts”. We passed over Ron Paul, a 20 year congressman with a track record of voting for program cuts and lower taxes. We abandoned Gary Johnson, a two-term New Mexico Governor who left his state with a budget surplus and massive job growth. We marginalized Rick Perry after only two weeks consideration. We decided Herman Cain was too extreme. We rigged primaries, jiggered caucuses, strongarmed conventions. On Election Day 2012, we got what we deserved.

We expended our wrath against fellow conservatives. Save it next time for the liberals.