Doyle Poll a Rebuke to Vermont Yankee Opponents/Single Payer Advocates

According to a recent WCAX article, the annual Doyle poll had some bad news for the opponents of Vermont Yankee:

“One surprising finding– 45 percent of respondents favor renewing Vermont Yankee’s license, 41 percent are opposed and 14 percent are not sure. That’s a big turnaround from last year when just 31 percent supported Yankee.”

It is clear that the momentum of public opinion is in VY’s favor.  This momentum swing is likely due to the public gradually discovering just how important VY is a a source of inexpensive, reliable power that drives the Vermont economy.  Another finding that should concern Vermont’s would be social engineers is in regards to healthcare reform:

“On the other hand, a rebuke for health care reform. Only 31 percent think Vermonters should be required to buy health insurance, 50 percent are against and 19 percent aren’t sure.”

It will be hard for the state control road to universal coverage to achieve that goal requiring that individual Vermonters come under whatever plan is put in place.  In time those Vermonters who still value their independence will reject this scheme.