Encouraging Entrepreneurship

“It’s ideas that fuel opportunity, and opportunity that generates entrepreneurship. And that’s one of the points behind this week’s third annual Winter Business Fair in Contois Auditorium at Burlington City Hall.”

This little jewel comes to us from a Burlington Free Press article on Burlington’s annual winter job fair.  One of the panels at the event is entitled “Dream to Reality: Realizing the Entrepreneurial Dream”.  Encouraging entrepreneurship is an excellent idea, one that Vermont should focus on more.  Lowering our tax, spending and regulatory burden would fit  in nicely with such a theme.

Another important point is to do away with the phrase that business owners need to “given back to the community”.  The premise behind such thinking is that somehow business have gained their success by taking something away from the community.  The conclusion from such a premise is that they need to give something back for there to be fairness.  This shows a deep lack of understanding about the nature of entrepreneurship.  In the very act of creating a new business venture, an entrepreneurship IS giving something to the community.  There is the obvious expansion of the tax base and the creation of new jobs, but the contribution of the entrepreneur goes beyond that.  The most important contribution such people bring to a community is a mentality that leads to what the conference mentions above as “the Entrepreneurial Dream”. In a state dominated by a government knows best bureaucratic mentality, such a gift is priceless.