Events – Freedom & Unity Festival

Saturday, August 17, 2013: Freedom & Unity Festival – Vermonters for Liberty Summer Fest 9:00am until 10:30pm Save the date! August 17th at Magic Mountain Ski Area in Londonderry, Vermont!

Speakers: Joel Salatin, farmer, author, activist and owner of Polyface Farms

Michael Boldin, founder of the Tenth Amendment Center

Bruce Marshall, Green Party candidate for Congress and leader of the VT effort to impeach Obama for war crimes;

Plus- NH’s Free State Project President Carla Gericke and Vermonters for Liberty’s own Steven Howard, Moe Kinney and Dexter Lefavour.

MUSIC: troubadour of conscience, Jordan Page; liberty balladeer Rich Angell; and Mindfully Discontent featuring Dan Murphy of One Over Zero and Ian Greenwood of Workingman’s Army..

DRAMA: Ethan Allen as portrayed by actor and historian Jim Hogue

PANEL DISCUSSIONS: *Paths to Economic Liberty- Alternative Markets are Free Markets. Join Jack Shimek, Adeemo Freeman, Jim Hogue, Matt Cropp and Steven J. Howard in a discussion of grey markets, alternative currencies, and alternative banking and how you can free yourself from crony capitalists, banksters, and fiat currencies.

*Vermonters For Liberty Q & A– Who we are, What we do and Why you should join us.


*Health Choice in a Centralized Healthcare System with Jennifer Stella of VT Coalition For Vaccine Choice

*Liberty In Our Lifetime: The Free State Project with FSP President Carla Gericke

*Holy Shit! Compost Powered Hot Water with Gaelan Brown of A 30 minute introduction about how to capture steady streams of hot water for domestic use and space-heating from specially designed compost systems. His presentation will explain a DIY overview for backyard systems made with wood-chips/saw-dust and farm-scale systems based on manure.

*Galt’s Gulch Chile with Gaelan Brown: Hear a first hand account from Gaelan Brown based on his recent visit to Galt’s Gulch Chile, an emerging anarchist eco-village based on Ayn Rand’s philosophy. A flotilla of lifeboats of producers escaping from the Matrix? What can Vermonters learn from this project? Quick overview with Q/A.

*Raising Liberty: Navigating Your Way Through Unschooling and Mindful Parenting with Heather Burditt: Unschooling is a style of homeschooling that allows children to learn and grow by the simple act of living. The principles of liberty and unschooling are deeply connected. Freedom, individualism and taking responsibility for one’s own life are all common topics, but how do you apply those philosophies to your family? It’s not easy to parent, much less unschool in a world that insists you follow the beaten path. I’ll be talking about Unschooling, what it is, what it looks like and why we should be giving children the same freedoms that we would want for ourselves. Changing the world begins at home.

*Voices From the Ground: Journalism, Storytelling and the Fight to Save Both of Them with Dylan Kelley, journalist, photographer and VP of the Vermont Commons Board of Directors: “Beginning with “Fourth Estate” idea that journalism possesses a check-and-balance function against systems of power (“to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”) We’ll then be discussing watershed moments when storytelling and journalism have played a part in changing the world as well as looking at the dire political and economic threats now being leveled at journalism.”

*Copblock with Lauryn Faulkner: Lauryn will be discussing her experience with starting a Cop Block group in a large city, Baltimore MD, notorious for police misconduct and in dire need of accountability. She will also be discussing ideas and strategies for spreading the message of liberty in traditionally left leaning, inner city and minority communities.

WORKSHOPS: *Digital Self Defense (in theory and nuts and bolts systems and strategies for privacy and access in the United Surveillance State of America) with Matthew Cropp and Bonnie Scott

Joel Salatin will also be hosting 2 workshops (Pre-registration cost $30 for each or attend both for just $50! PLUS get free admission to the rest of the festival events!):

*Relationship Marketing For nearly half a century, Polyface Farm’s patron base has morphed and expanded with the culture and new food awareness. As a 10-year-old with a backyard flock of laying hens, Salatin pedaled eggs around his rural neighborhood in the basket of his bicycle. Mixing humorous stories with passionate “aha’s”, this presentation draws from a host of marketing venues to educate and entertain. Currently, Polyface supplies some 400 families from an on-farm store, 1,600 families in Metropolitan Buying Clubs, 30 restaurants, and 10 retail venues. Each has assets and liabilities, and Salatin freely discusses all the nuances. Heavy on hilarious stories, this talk empowers otherwise reluctant marketers to go for it.

*Going Full Time With Your Part-Time Farm Too many wannabe farmers feel trapped in a farmer’s body paying bills with off-farm incomes. Scaling up with emotional, economic, and environmental integrity requires specific techniques like stacking, value adding, diversifying, and building multiple use infrastructures. You don’t need to own land to farm; all the infrastructure and customers are portable. Capital payback leases and other techniques can propel your farm to a white collar salary.

ADMISSION: Free admission for dues-paying Vermonters For Liberty members. All others are $10pp. Kids 12 and under are free. Get tickets here:


CAMPING: Primitive tent camping available Friday and Saturday night by donation.

RV PARKING: There is a designated RV/camper parking area with no hookups available by donation. There are also campgrounds in the area for those looking for more developed accommodations.

HOTEL LODGING: Discounted rooms are available at the Upper Pass Lodge (a one minute walk from the main event area). This is a full service hotel with restaurant, lounge and pool. Please contact Steven Howard for more information about reserving a room.

FOOD: A variety of food trucks/mobile caterers will be available for you to purchase lunch and dinner. The Bardo Farm will also be hosting a pig roast starting at 4:30 pm. You are also welcome to bring a cooler and have a picnic. There is a bar on premises and also a lounge at the Upper Pass Lodge. Please do not bring alcohol with you.

DOGS: Please leave your non-service dog at home. Many of the events are indoors and unattended pets are not appropriate for this venue. Thanks for understanding 🙂