Fair Representation = Evil Republican Conspiracy?

by Chris Roy

Did you know that Vermont’s tri-partisan legislative reapportionment process aspiring to create legislative districts of equivalent sizes representing equivalent numbers of citizens is part of a right-wing conspiracy hatched to deny Vermont liberals their efforts at health care “reform”? Perhaps the Koch Brothers connived with Halliburton to hatch this scheme. At least this is what seems to be stewing in the fevered brains of some of our friends on the Left.

The following is a fundraising email sent out by the Vermont Democratic Party. It is a remarkably brazen effort at maintaining a status quo which creates Dem supermajorities out of synch with the voting preferences of all Vermonters. Democracy be damned!

RE: Redistricting Tactics Threaten Healthcare Reform

After many long rainy days, we hope your summer is finally off to a great start! Here at the VDP, we’re off to a great start of the season and are eagerly awaiting First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit next week.

It’s likely you’ve heard about the Republican and Progressive Party’s joint effort to significantly alter Vermont’s existing State House and Senate districts. The role of the reapportionment board is to make adjustments to the Senate and House districts based upon population changes. Traditionally, this is a fairly apolitical process that strives to keep communities intact as much as possible.

However, this year the GOP and Progressive Party representative board members have taken an activist role and have politicized this process by threatening to reshape the entire landscape of the state in order to score electoral gains in 2012. The VDP and the Democratic legislature are fighting to oppose these tactics but we can’t do it alone. We need your help now.

In order to ensure the success of single-payer healthcare, we must maintain our strong majorities and hold onto the Governor’s office in 2012. These redistricting tactics threaten the success of Governor Shumlin’s healthcare plan and many other democratic efforts that we’ve all worked hard to advance.

We have set out to raise $2,012 in the next week in order to close out with a strong quarter, which is why we need your support! Please help us maintain our strong majority by making a contribution of:

· $22 to represent the 22 Democratic State Senators

· $94 for the 94 Democratic House members or

· $116 in honor of all of our Democratic legislators

Contributions of all sizes help us advance our shared vision for Vermont, so thank you for your continued and loyal support.

They don’t want to tell us how they’ll pay for health care “reform,” but they sure do know how to finance antidemocratic, partisan attacks.