Farm bill illustrates political ineffectiveness of Washington politicians

Press Release

The Farm bill is another example of just how ineffective the politicians are in Washington. They write a massive bill which of course includes some good and some bad legislation and then vote the bill up or down weighing whether it is more harmful or more beneficial. That is wrong and something I will work hard to change if elected. I will push to have legislation broken into small bills which then can easily be voted on based on its merits. Secondly I will introduce a bill that states that no legislative bill can contain spending that is not pertaining to what the legislation is for and alternately no spending bill can contain any legislation not directly relating to the spending. Politicians love to sneak bad legislation or spending into a bill and convince their constituents that they had to vote for it for the good portions. Our congressman is good at that. Enough is enough and I will word hard to stop this practice.

As for the farm bill itself; the dairy portion is very convoluted where it talks about about buying insurance and determining the system for paying out to farmers. Why can’t Washington get something passed that is very simple, straight to the point, and effective? After reading through the legislation it seems as though a dairy farmer would also have to have a law degree or keep a lawyer on retainer to explain situations as they arrive. A simple base price for milk producers and letting the free market work will end up with a strong dairy industry.

A comment on SNAP: If Washington politicians ever decided to do their jobs ending the misuse and abuse of food stamps then there may be enough money in the program to serve everyone’s needs. That is a very good place to start.

Finally, as to Peter Welch’s demanding a vote up or down: That isn’t what is critical. What is critical is to write several bills so it is easier to get them discussed and voted on. Stop posturing and do your job!