Focus on the Foundations

by Linda Kirker

I believe that we need to focus on the foundations of the Republic, the rights and responsibilities of being a productive citizen … informed, participatory, diligent, honorable and proud of our founding documents and ready to defend them to protect our freedoms. Those are the things that have made America the “ Shining City on the hill”, a powerful and good nation, though not perfect ,that is slipping away because we Americans have forgotten, and need reminding, of what it takes to be a strong nation of citizens who are proud to be Americans. We have a lot of work to do so that our children and grandchildren will recognize what the founders created that has served us so well for over 200 years, that is until the P.C., anti-America folks took hold. It is not too late, I hope, to resurrect the great nation that we once were. But it will take us having the courage to stand up for what it means, historically, to be a republican and an American.

Everything is not relative. There is a right and a wrong, if only we had the courage to say so. What do we have to lose at this point by standing up for the principles that served us for two centuries? We do not desire to become part of a one-world government where the United Nations and the International monetary fund and the International Court remove our unique Constitutional rights and the sovereignty of our nation. As citizens we must be vigilant in watching what our U.S. State Dept. and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s actions are on the world stage. The U.N. Treaty on the Child and the Small Arms Treaty, among others, are nothing more than efforts to take away parental rights and the ability of individual Americans to defend themselves ,via the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, against government tyranny.  Our Constitution is the major barrier to America becoming part of a One-World Government. That is why there are efforts on the part of some courts and some elected officials in the country to diminish our Constitutional rights. As long as U.S. citizens have unique rights that protect them from abusive government control, we are protected from takeover.

We are at a point of peril with our nation facing financial turmoil and insurmountable debt, millions unemployed, and the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s Attorney General Eric Holder suing southern border sheriffs for doing their jobs. This is craziness, but where is the outcry? Why are our fellow Americans on Mexican border towns being slaughtered by gun runners and members of drug cartels? Does anyone care? What are our elected officials doing to help their fellow Americans on the southern border? Our Justice Dept. is apparently providing guns to the Mexicans who are killing Americans! Their goal is a North American Union with no borders between Mexico , the U.S. and Canada. That is one reason why the border is not secured and millions of illegals are allowed by government to sneak into the U.S.A. Don’t believe it? Look of SPP on google. That is the Security and Prosperity Partnership between the three countries in which there will be a free flow of people and goods , minus our national borders. Check out the multi-lane highway that is under construction in Texas and is intended to be a super highway from Mexico to Canada. What then happens to our sovereign nation and our Constitutional rights that differ from those two nations? I bet we lose. Canada is a good neighbor nation, but our two countries have some differences, such as Canadian single payer health insurance that many of us are against here in Vermont and in the U.S.

Don’t misunderstand my comments. I grew up in a country much different from the one I see today. I am fighting for a return to common sense, financial stability, individual accountability and personal responsibility, American pride, American jobs, well-educated children, and individual empowerment with much less government that is then affordable and does not stifle free enterprise. I want to see the human spirit reinvigorated to create, invent and excel to eliminate dependence on government which is a type of incarceration that takes away freedoms and opportunities..

Why does our President have a moratorium on drilling in waters bordering our country by U.S. oil companies? At the same time, he has given $2 Billion dollars to Brazil to drill and told them that the U.S. will be their best customer. What??? Put American drillers out of work and help Brazil? Since when does government tell Americans what they must buy, as in government health insurance and Chinese-made toxic light bulbs manufactured in China by General Electric.

There is so much more that makes no sense these days in the good old U.S.A. My question to you is… what are you going to do about it? Reversing this anti-American trend can begin with one person…..YOU ! Will you stand up, or shall we all fall further into the deepening socialist pit and take our grandchildren with us? They will never know real freedom unless you and I say enough and vote accordingly in 2012 before it is really too late !


Linda Kirker, former VT State Representative

Georgia, VT