Following the Canadian “Model”?

With Speaker Shap Smith fantasizing about Vermont becoming the “Saskatchewan of the United States“, perhaps it is time to reflect on the irony of Vermont’s political leaders trying the follow the Canadian model at time when Canada is doing a political about face and following what was the American model.  As suggested in a National Review article, the victory in Canada’s May 2nd election contains lessons for conservatives here in the U.S.

“In Canada, Harper’s Conservatives have already cut taxes and modified spending programs, but always with the tacit consent of the separatist Bloc Quebecois, or the left-wing New Democrats, or the long-dominant Liberal party. Now they’re on their own, and we’ll see the results.”

These victories took place before the recent election victories at a time when Canada’s conservatives were sharing power with left wing political parties.  Now that they have an out right majority, Canada’s conservatives plan on going even further.  As pointed out by the Wall Street Journal, Prime Minister Stephen Harper “has also promised to balance the budget by fiscal 2014-15 without raising taxes, which was a clear dividing line in the recent campaign”.

Maybe following the Canadian model is not such a bad idea after all.