Funding of a New Sales Campaign for Single Payer a sign of the plan’s unpopularity?

Jeff Wennberg

The announcement that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is funneling $100,000 to a new effort to sell single payer health care to Vermonters demonstrates the plan’s growing unpopularity. If Governor Shumlin’s plan to take over our health care was so good, he wouldn’t need tons of out of state money to sell it like it was cola. These ads will try to convince us that government monopoly health care is in our interest but they will not answer the big questions: how much is Shumlin’s takeover of our health care going to cost and how does he expect us to pay for it?

Since January, 2011, Single Payer advocates have controlled the Governor’s Office and the leadership of both the Vermont House and Senate. They have no fewer than 3 – soon to be 4 – heavily funded organizations to promote their cause. They enacted not one but two laws to make single payer a reality in the next few years, and they are spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and hiring dozens of government workers to bring it about.

What are they afraid of?

Are they afraid that Vermonters might hear a different perspective? That Vermonters might become aware of the huge health care problems facing in the two countries Governor Shumlin’s plan is modeled after? That Vermonters will finally demand to know what the Governor’s plan will cost and how we are expected to pay for it?

Or are they afraid that Vermonters might learn about and prefer better solutions to our health care challenges that respect the patient-doctor relationship and successfully achieve universal access to coverage and constrain costs?

Vermonters have never been asked what we think will work best for our families, our employers and our health care providers. Sadly, the escalation of single payer sales messages only puts that discussion further away.

Jeff Wennberg

Executive Director

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom