Globetrotting Manchester native returns home as ‘climate warrior’

This article by Cherise Madigan originally appeared Oct. 31 in the Manchester Journal.

MANCHESTER — Manchester native Carina Bachofen has built an international career at the intersection of climate change and human rights, and she wants you to know that opportunities do exist for local youth with big aspirations.

Bachofen, a graduate of Burr and Burton Academy, now boasts a fulfilling career with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, where she specializes in the human implications of climate change. Though she works with colleagues from across the globe, Bachofen recently returned to her hometown alongside her husband Edward Cameron — a climate expert in his own right — following the birth of their son Robert last December.

“Manchester is just a very special corner of the world; the fact that we’ve ended up back here is no coincidence,” Bachofen said. “While many things have changed, I feel like a lot has stayed the same. That’s really comforting. It still feels like home no matter how many years I’ve been away.”

Bachofen first came to call Manchester home at the age of eight, when her parents purchased the Reluctant Panther Inn. She went on to play soccer for Burr and Burton Academy (though it was Burr and Burton Seminary at the time,) where she played an instrumental role in her team being the first from BBA to win the girl’s state championship.

As her time at Burr and Burton drew to a close however, Bachofen wasn’t quite sure what her next step would be. Though she had applied to several colleges and universities in the United States, Bachofen chose to attend McGill University in Montreal where she enjoyed a more international experience.

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3 thoughts on “Globetrotting Manchester native returns home as ‘climate warrior’

  1. A climate social justice warrior? My goodness. EVERYTHING is political these days. So — can people who picket and pray outside abortion clinics rightfully lay claim to the title “human life social justice warriors”? Then will they get respectful treatment from their hometown news media?

  2. There was a day when someone interested in climate change went to college and became a meteorologist ,I guess not in todays world.

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