GOP legislators go for a two for one in proposing property tax relief for Jeremy Dodge type victims

by Robert Maynard

In one press conference GOP legislators simultaneously pushed for  ways to insure property tax relief for Jeremy Dodge style victims, while highlighting Governor Shumlin’s role as a predator.  Here is an excerpt from a WCAX article on the subject:

In a press conference Wednesday, a pair of moderate Republicans, Representatives Kurt Wright and Patti Komline, said it’s time to determine how many low-income Vermonters are paying as much as ten times what they should in taxes. The calls follow controversy surrounding the land deal between the Governor and his neighbor, Jerry Dodge, who feared he would lose his home to a tax sale.

The Governor’s critics say he took advantage of the situation to get valuable land on the cheap

“As a result of Governor Shumlin’s controversial land deal with his neighbor Jerry Dodge, we now know the problem may in fact be wider than we thought originally,” said Rep. Kurt Wright.

Perhaps some good can come out of shining the light on this situation after all if it prevents more people like Jeremy Dodge from losing their property when other courses of action are available.  While we are at it, perhaps the larger point should be considered about how effective laws are that are numerous and overly complex.  A possible remedy would be to make do with fewer and simpler laws.