Governor Shumlin and the Democrat Party Stand with Wendy Davis for Late-Term Abortions

Vermont Right to Life

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, who also chairs the Democrat Governor’s Association, called Texas State Senator Wendy Davis to congratulate her for her efforts to block legislation to protect unborn babies in the later stages of pregnancy from abortion. However, the Texas Legislature is addressing the issue again this week and the legislation is widely expected to pass and be enacted into law.

“By praising Texas Senator Wendy Davis, Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin reveals his willingness to use his position and power to support unlimited abortion throughout pregnancy even in far away states like Texas,” stated Sharon Toborg, Treasurer of Vermont Right to Life.

The main provision of the legislation being proposed in Texas would prohibit abortion at and beyond 20 weeks post-fertilization, when babies are on the cusp of viability and science has proven that unborn children can feel pain.

Take a look at the developments that take place during weeks 15 – 19 of pregnancy here.

The bill also protects women by requiring abortion facilities to meet the same safety standards required of other ambulatory surgical facilities. The recent conviction of Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosnell for murdering babies born alive after abortion and for manslaughter in the death of a woman, along with news stories about Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen who allegedly engages in those same behaviors, is prompting states to consider legislation to prevent such horrific abuses.

You can read about Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen here and here.

You can read about Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosnell here.

Here in Vermont, Governor Peter Shumlin has close ties to Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, the State’s largest abortion provider. Recently PPNNE began performing abortions even later in pregnancy than they had previously. PPNNE now performs abortions up to 19 weeks of pregnancy in their Burlington abortion facility. Vermont has no law pertaining to abortion, so it is legally permissible to perform abortions at any stage of pregnancy for any reason. Vermont allows non-physicians to do abortions, and has never established safety standards that abortion clinics need to meet.

Peter Shumlin’s close relationship with PPNNE has benefitted him at election time. In 2010, the PPNNE Action Fund spent over $119,000, in violation of Vermont’s campaign finance laws, on television ads to support Shumlin’s campaign for Governor. Shumlin won that election by 4,000 votes.

A campaign finance complaint was lodged with the Attorney General 15 months ago, but no action was taken.

See the complaint and some supporting documentation here.

For more information call, Vermont Right to Life Committee at 229-4885 or Sharon Toborg at 479-7479

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  1. This Old Tory, like all decent people, supports the Texas Legislation, and Gov Perry. Too bad we don’t have a leader with the character of Gov Perry at the helm of this state. Planned Parenthood has become little more than a “mill” for abortion-on-demand. May they all rot in hell.

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