Governor Shumlin changes the subject

by Robert Maynard

What do you do when your signature issue is falling apart around you?  You promptly change the subect and hope that no one notices.  With the Vermont Exchange rollout topping the federal exchanges rollout for ineptness, that is exactly what Governor Shumlin seemingly attempted.  The problem from him is that it did  it go entirely unmoticed.  Vermont Digger called him to task for ignoring more weighty issues in favor of drug addiction in what they referred to as the “fourth state of the state speech wasn’t.”  Here is how they described it:

As such speeches are usually understood, they are about the state of the state and how the governor intends to improve it.

Since it is a speech by the governor, “the state” as used the second time in the title means state government and its functions: taxes and spending, economic policy and social services, schools and roads, crime and punishment, parks and playgrounds, clean air and water.

Instead, Shumlin delivered a 3,509-word message all about “the rising tide of drug addiction and drug-related crime spreading across Vermont.”

2 thoughts on “Governor Shumlin changes the subject

  1. This story has hit national news outlets. Howie Carr talked about it on his show yesterday. I have had some friends in other states ask me about it. Thanks to Shumlin, now people think Vermont is a haven for drugs and drug dealers. I wonder how that will affect the tourist business here?

  2. Nobody ever said the Gov is dimwitted. Why would he choose to talk about issues where he can increasingly be embarrassed?

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