Governor Shumlin Knows What’s Best for Us.

Governor Shumlin’s latest vow to revisit matters that failed to make it through the Vermont legislature last session brings to mind the saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  Here is how this effort was descried in an article that appeared on WCAX’s website today:

A promise from Gov. Peter Shumlin Tuesday that four controversial bills that didn’t pass last year, will be passed in the upcoming legislative session.

“I’m confident regardless of who leads the various legislative bodies we can pass decriminalization of marijuana, Death with Dignity and the workers bill for child care unions,” said Shumlin, D-Vermont.

The governor went on to guarantee passage of some sort of driver’s license bill for illegal migrant workers.

Those four bills were among the most controversial last session.

Shumlin also says he plans to make it a priority to pass a prescription drug monitoring system that allows the health department to access prescription drug information. The governor hopes that will help in the fight against prescription drug abuse.

The relative merits and demerits of each one of these bills has been debated and will be again.  In the case of one of these matters, it would appear that the bill is not at all popular among those Vermonters it is aimed at.  A group of childcare providers conducted a survey of their ranks and found strong opposition to the AFT push for the unionization of childcare providers.  The following question was among those asked in the survey: “As a home childcare provider in the State of Vermont, do you want the legislature to pass a bill to allow childcare providers the right to unionize?”  75% of the respondents answered “no”, with 14% undecided.  Only 12% supported the idea.  This clearly looks like trying to force something on these providers that they overwhelmingly oppose.  How much more evidence to we need that the Governor and his allies think they know better what is good for Vermonters than Vermonters do themselves.

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  1. Well said Rachel. We live in scary times…and all too many Vermonters (and Americans) are oblivious.

  2. Driver licenses for illegal aliens: Liberals try to blur the facts by calling illegal aliens “undocumented workers”. Change the language and you change perception. Plain and simple, these people have not followed the laws we have in place for becoming American citizens. The Shumlin administration has made it clear they will NOT take any action to enforce those laws. It seems Vermont agriculture is dependent on migrant workers, some of whom have special permits while others, such as dairy workers, are not eligible for those permits because they work year round. If these people were forced to leave Vermont, Shumlin & Co. tell us, agriculture would go down the drain because you can’t, apparently, get American citizens to do that kind of work. There are also “undocumented” aliens who are not actually working to support Vermont agriculture and are living under the radar that the rest of us have to live in, paying taxes, purchasing health insurance, etc. but let’s pretend that’s not so. Why issue driver licenses to illegals? Is it so they can drive to work legally? (Will they also be required to be insured?) Is it so they can have “official” identification in order to receive emergency services? When was the last time you heard a 911 operator determining if the caller is a legal citizen or not before sending the ambulance? We already know it’s not to prove who they are when they go to vote.
    I’m actually at a loss as to why the state really wants this – I’ll have to follow the money and power to discover the ulterior motive.

  3. Decriminalization of marijuana: The argument seems to be that personal use of the gate-way drug, marijuana, is harmless and people who are simply using and not dealing the drug should not suffer the same punishment or have a “black” mark on their record that might prevent them from getting a loan, a job, etc. There is no need to decriminalize if these are the arguments – changes to existing laws could easily soften the consequences. But the state’s motivation is not to spare people the consequences of their actions; it is to open up a new tax revenue source. The state wants to be the dealer! Who’s to say that next will be to legalize prostitution and have a new industry to tax? Then the state can be our drug dealers AND our pimps.

  4. Unionizing childcare providers: Unions are itching to get a foothold in VT. The Shumlin administration has had the help of the SEIU and other outside organizations to push the single payer, state run system of healthcare in VT, pumping both outside money and human resources into the state to organize and market it to the public. What do they get for it? The payoff is a foothold in VT with the unionization of childcare providers. The fact that childcare providers already have a state run association (Vermont Child Care Providers Association) dedicated to providing advocacy, networking and resources sharing and have no need of a union is irrelevant and simply does not serve the cronyism rampant in Montpelier.

  5. Legalized physician assisted suicide: With the plan to move to a state run healthcare system under a global budget, this initiative will offer a legitimate “prescription” for older patients who might otherwise want treatment to extend their lives. We need look only as far as the state of Oregon for an example of this – when Barbara Wagner’s doctor prescribed a drug that would likely extend her life and would make her more comfortable, her state insurance program refused to authorize payment for it. Instead, it sent her a letter saying it would pay for doctor-prescribed suicide. While proponents of a single payer system chant “People, not profits!” there is only so much money to pay for all the “free” care promised. Rationing is the only way to manage resources, especially when the free market is not allowed to work, reducing costs, finding efficiencies and pumping evil “profits” back into the system. A prescription for physician assisted suicide will save the state a bundle.

  6. Gov. Shumlin wants to pass legislation this term (and assures us they WILL be passed) to:
    1.Legalize physician assisted suicide
    2.Unionize childcare providers
    3.Decriminalize marijuana
    4.Provide illegal immigrants driver licenses
    Realize first and foremost, the supporting arguments given by the state for these are NOT the true reasons they want to pass these laws. The arguments they present to the public are largely emotionally charged smoke screens and the formula used to sway public opinion is pitting “compassion” against reason – and reason always comes out looking “mean.” So ask yourselves, what is really the underlying motivation of each of these initiatives?
    Follow the money (tax revenues) and the power (unions, healthcare budgets to start)

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